How Do You Place & Rotate Furniture? (FFXIV)

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Placing and rotating furniture can be managed through the Social tab of your menu bar. It’s simple once you know where to look!

But just one note before we go into details – this guide applies whether you have private chambers within a Company House, own a Company House, or have rights to furnish the common space.

It also applies to personal estates and apartments too, so all the different types of lodging follow the same process for furniture.


How To Access The Housing Menu & Rotate Furniture

Just head over to the menu bar and find the “Social” button (with the smiley/frown face).

Social button showing smiley face in menu bar / FFXIV
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Clicking on that will open up the submenu.

If you’re in an area where you can place furniture, the “Housing” option will be available.

Select the 'housing' option in the menu
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Clicking this brings up yet another menu that gives you control over a number of furnishing/decorative options.

I was standing outside of my Free Company estate when I took these screenshots, so it’s only offering the outdoor options for now. But navigating to this same menu indoors will present appropriate options.

Housing furnishings list menu options (FFXIV)
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If you want to place furniture or rotate ones you’ve already placed, it’s just a case of using the options at the bottom of the screen to do so.

Layout Mode Furniture HUD Menu Screenshot (FFXIV)
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Just look at the bottom for an arrow in a circle (in “Layout Mode” HUD)

Use this circular arrow button to rotate, or use the four-directional arrow button to move the object(s).

Everything currently placed will be displayed in a separate window. And if you want to place something new it will need to be stored in your personal inventory first.

But if you’re still confused then check out this beginner’s guide which has more details on the basics of housing & furniture.

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