How To Get Pudding Flesh in FFXIV (Location + Uses)

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The easiest way to get pieces of pudding flesh is by purchasing them with Grand Company Seals from your Grand Company Quartermaster. You can get 1 pudding flesh for 200 seals.

Aside from your GC, other sources of pudding flesh include:

  • Treasure hunts
  • Levequests
  • Monster drops
  • Ventures

Purchasing them from your Grand Company would probably be the fastest method though, since there are several ways to earn seals.


Company Seals for Pudding Flesh

Joining a Grand Company will get you started on earning its corresponding seals.

To align yourself with one of the three factions, you must first complete the Main Scenario Quest “The Company You Keep”. There are three variations of this quest depending on the Grand Company you decide to join.

After joining a GC, you’ll find that there are many options to earn seals.

Listed below are some of the best ways to stack Grand Company Seals:

  • Participating in FATEs
  • Completing Duty Roulettes
  • Grand Company Levequests
  • Grand Company Hunting Log
  • Expert Delivery and Provision Missions

These are all fairly easy to do, and can be done on the side while going about your business as the Warrior of Light.

Note: I would recommend leveling an alternate class while grinding out seals with these methods to maximize your time.


Treasured Pudding

Treasure Hunt Coffer / Final Fantasy XIV
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Pudding flesh is one of the items that can potentially be found in level 50 treasure hunts with Toadskin Treasure Maps.

These maps are deciphered from timeworn toadskin maps, which can be bought from the market board, or gathered as a level 50 Disciple of the Land from the following locations:


  • Eastern La Noscea (X:17.3, Y:32.2)
  • Coerthas Western Highlands (X:31.5, Y:32.3)
  • Middle La Noscea (X:20.0, Y:21.1)
  • East Shroud (X:16.7, Y:23.3)
  • Central Thanalan (X:29.1, Y:19.8)
  • Southern Thanalan (X:14.2, Y:32.2)


  • Northern Thanalan (X:22.8, Y:24.3)
  • Coerthas Western Highlands (X:29.2, Y:27.9)
  • Western La Noscea (X:35.6, Y:29.6)
  • East Shroud (X:18.2, Y:24.7)
  • Lower La Noscea (X:22.0, Y:34.9)
  • Western Thanalan (X:18.2, Y:28.8)

After obtaining and deciphering your toadskin map, it will direct you to one of the many zones in A Realm Reborn (excluding the three major cities). Once you feel you’ve found the correct spot indicated in your treasure map, use your “Dig” action to uncover the chest.

When the chest spawns, you’ll have to first deal with any monsters that spawn before retrieving the chest’s contents.

Mobs that spawn from toadskin maps are about level 48, so be sure you’re properly leveled and equipped for the fights.

The items within these treasure chests are a bit random, so farming pudding flesh this way may not be consistent – but it is one option you can try.


Questing for Pudding

Levequests offer another potential source for pudding flesh, though not as efficient.

While this pudding flesh can be given as a reward for completing levequests, the item you receive is always random.

But the quests you’re looking to do for pudding are level 40, and there are a couple of levemetes that hand them out.

Here are their names along with their locations, and a list of the quests that can potentially reward you with pudding flesh:

Eustace, Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X12.1, Y:9.1)

  • A Bile Business
  • A Patch-up Place
  • Your Courtesy Wake-up Call

Voilinaut, Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12.7, Y:16.8)

  • A Real Smooth Move
  • Arcane Arts for Dummies
  • No Accounting for Waste

Pudding Drops

Frozen Bavarois / FFXIV
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Pudding flesh can also be dropped by pudding-type monsters found throughout the game.

Normally, farming monsters would be the quickest way to farm an item in FFXIV – but the monsters that drop pudding flesh aren’t found out in the world.

The pudding enemies you’re looking for are either found in dungeons, or spawned from levequests.

I wouldn’t recommend farming these monsters since there aren’t too many around, but here’s a list in case you happen to come across any of them:

  • Bavaroid Waste, Level 50 – The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
  • Congealed Blood, Level 50 – Haukke Manor (Hard)
  • Frozen Bavarois, Level 36-40 – Necrologos: Cinerary Rite (Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest)
  • Frozen Bavarois, Level 35-40 – Feathered Foes (Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest)

Remember though, you aren’t the only one capable of going out and hunting monsters.

Retainers can also be sent out on hunting ventures to collect pieces of pudding flesh.

The pudding flesh hunting venture becomes available when your retainer gets to level 41 as a Disciple of War or Magic. One of these ventures can take between 40-60 minutes to complete, and can yield 5 to 15 pieces of pudding flesh (depending on your retainer’s level and equipment).


Pudding Crafts

Pudding Throw Rug Screenshot / FFXIV
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There are a number of crafting recipes that require the use of pudding flesh, so if you’re farming it, then you can put it to good use.

Here’s a quick look at these recipes:

  • Mega-Potion of Vitality (Level 46 Alchemist)
  • Potent Poisoning Potion (Level 47 Alchemist)
  • Pudding Desk (Level 60 Carpenter, Master Recipe)
  • Pudding Floor Lamp (Level 60 Blacksmith, Master Recipe)
  • Pudding Settee (Level 60 Leatherworker, Master Recipe)
  • Pudding Throw Rug (Level 60 Weaver, Master Recipe)
  • Void Glue (Level 51 Alchemist)
  • X-Potion of Mind (Level 50 Alchemist, Master Recipe)

Perhaps the most notable from this list are the recipes for the pudding furnishing items, as they sell for quite a bit of coin on my server.

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