FFXIV Fishing: What’s The Point & Why Would I Fish?

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Fishing is a gathering job in Final Fantasy XIV, one of a selection of jobs that take your character out of combat and into the world to claim its natural bounty.

Some of you may be reading this like “I pay my subscription to fight monsters with cat girls, why should I pick up a fishing rod?”

Some of you are probably rubbing your hands with glee, wondering when you can put your weapons down and get to the real good stuff.

Either way, fishing in XIV has a ton of benefits that could be really helpful in your time with the game.

For me at least, it’s relaxing.

There’s something about getting out of your armor and setting up for a while by a river, soaking up XIV’s fantastic atmosphere and doing something that isn’t high pressure for a while.

It can be a really welcome break from the more intense side of the game.

Obviously, not everybody shares that mindset.

You want your time in the game to be productive, right? All the other crafters and gatherers sound like they do something cool: making weapons, armor, or potions. So where does fishing fit into all that?

Well, it’s actually quite a useful job. It might not sound impressive, but it has a great place (desperately trying to resist fish puns) in Eorzea’s economy. Let’s take it from the top.


How Do I Start Fishing?

All you need is a Disciple of War or Magic class at level ten to get started.

This encompasses any of the game’s combat oriented roles.

Head to the Fishermans’ Guild in Limsa Lominsa and pick up the quest. You’ll have your first fishing rod in no time.

Like every other job in XIV, fishing has its own storyline complete with quests, characters and challenges.

It can feel like a bit of a slow starter, but that’s part of the charm.

This isn’t something you just need to get done to progress. It’s a relaxing and rewarding activity by itself. The first few quests will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Relaxed morning fishing in Gridania
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What Do I Get Out Of Fishing?

Besides fish? What else do you want?

Fishing goes hand in hand with the Culinarian job. Culinarians prepare food that can provide extremely useful buffs to players, and these buffs are in high demand from the raiding community.

If you’re concerned with making a profit, it’s probably best to work on a Culinarian too.

If you’re already playing Culinarian, fishing can save you a lot of time and money spent on ingredients.

Culinarians can also desynthesize fish, reducing them to crafting components that can be used in a range of recipes by different crafters. The two jobs kinda complete each other in a way.

But don’t feel like you have to do them both if you don’t want to.

It is possible to make money selling fish. But the profits won’t line up with the potential the other classes have.

Fishing is definitely an activity for fun first & foremost, and the occasional bit of profit as a bonus.

Patch 5.2 also introduced Ocean Fishing, a group activity for up to 24 players exclusively for Fishers.

Every two hours, a boat sets out from the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. And players can set out on a fishing tour of Eorzea’s best spots.

This activity can provide huge experience rewards, alongside endgame reward currency, mounts, and house decorations.

If fishing doesn’t sound good to you yet, this probably won’t change your mind. But Ocean Fishing is an example of the kind of laid-back recreation that fishing can bring to the game, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Funny ocean fishing screenshot / FFXIV
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Why Fish Instead Of Botany Or Mining?

If fun and relaxation is what you want out of XIV, fishing is the way forward.

It’s peaceful, rewarding, and a great change of pace from the usual grind.

Botany and Mining both offer very material rewards – there’s a clear path to success, more definitive ways to profit, and useful synergies with Disciples of the Land.

In my opinion, fishing is one of XIV’s little details that make the world feel alive.

Other MMOs might include it, sure. But not in nearly as much detail.

Few rival games have the atmosphere and ambience of Final Fantasy XIV. And fishing gives you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy it.

It made me feel like my character had a life outside of being a hero, especially in combination with his humble house to go back to at the end of the day.

Is fishing going to compete with Botany or Mining in terms of profit or progression? Probably not.

But it can be a uniquely rewarding path to follow with the right mindset.

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