Quick Synthesis in FFXIV: What It Does & How to Unlock It

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Quick Synthesis is an action that’s learned by every Disciple of the Hand at level 10. It allows you to craft items in rapid succession, without the need to go through your crafting actions like you normally would.

Using this action is a great time-saver for when you want to craft large quantities of any particular item. You can also use it to give your character something to do while you go grab a drink or make a phone call.


Unlocking Quick Synthesis

Crafting an Item close-up / Final Fantasy XIV
Crafting an Item close-up

Though you do learn the action upon reaching level 10, you won’t be able to use Quick Synthesis right away.

You’ll first need to craft an item manually at least once before you are able to produce it in bulk with Quick Synthesis.

Note that not all items can be crafted with Quick Synthesis. For example, items made with Master recipes do not support Quick Synthesis.


How Does Quick Synthesis Work?

Inside of Blacksmith and Armorer's Guild / Final Fantasy XIV
Inside of Blacksmith and Armorer’s Guild

After you’ve crafted an item manually, the Quick Synthesis button should become available from your crafting menu.

When you choose this option, you’ll be prompted to input how many items you want to craft.

The maximum number you can craft in one session will depend on how much materials you have in your inventory.

Speaking of inventory, the game won’t take into account your available inventory space when setting the number of items you plan to craft through Quick Synthesis.

And though items crafted through Quick Synthesis are made automatically, they still have a chance to fail. On the other hand, there is also a chance for high-quality versions to be made.

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