FFXIV Raptor Skin Farming Guide (Best Methods & Locations)

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Raptor Skin is a key crafting ingredient for XIV’s Leatherworker. It can be turned into Raptor Leather by the crafting job, and then used in turn across a variety of disciplines to create furniture, armor, and weapons.

As a result, the skin is in reasonable demand.

In this guide we’ll cover the uses of Raptor Skin, where you can find it, and what to do if you can’t.

Raptor Skin doesn’t have any special requirements to drop from enemies. You just have to be able to kill the creatures it drops from.

Turning this into the more valuable Raptor Leather requires a Leatherworker with access to level 41 recipes.


Which Enemies Drop Raptor Skin?

Raptor Skins can be found in Eastern, Outer, and Upper La Noscea, dropped by Grass Raptors, Velociraptors, and Territorial Raptors respectively.

The good news is, most of these areas are low level and easy to access – so it won’t take you too long before you can mow your way through most of the enemies in a couple of hits.

You’ll also find Raptor Skins from Lindwurms in the Central Shroud, or dropped by Ruins Runners in the Snowcloak dungeon.

I’d say that Snowcloak isn’t really an effective place to farm, as enemies won’t respawn and you’ll need to be quite a high level to solo it.

Farming isn’t nearly as efficient if you’re still taking more than five seconds to kill your target, and the process can be further hastened by unlocking flying in these areas too.

Luckily, unlocking flying in A Realm Reborn is as simple as finishing the Main Scenario and reaching level 50 – at which point you’ll be able to instantly kill most enemies in these areas anyways.

So if your focus is on crafting and crafting alone, consider at least hitting those milestones first – just to make your life a bit easier.


Where’s The Best Place To Farm Raptor Skin?

There’s a couple places, and these methods may vary in success depending on the server you’re playing on.

Bear in mind that other players may well be attempting to farm skins using the same locations, so you could end up in competition with another player or two.

Enemies can take a little while to respawn, so you could end up making barely any progress at all.

Farming Spot #1: Eastern La Noscea

Eastern La Noscea is considered a solid farming spot for Raptor Skin, as the packs are close together and laid out well.

You can run in circles farming kills (Grass Raptors), and by the time you’ve done a complete circuit you’ll be back where the first group will respawn.

Eastern La Noscea Farming Grass Raptors / FFXIV
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Farming Spot #2: Outer La Noscea

Alternatively, you can head to Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea and farm the packs there.

Either location you choose, you may end up waiting quite a while to respawn.

But given how volatile the prices of these basic components can end up being on the Market Board, it’s still better than shelling out for them.


What If I Can’t Be Bothered To Farm?

Unfortunately there’s only one alternative to farming if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Unlike Fleece (which we’ve covered in another guide) you can’t purchase Raptor Skin from any vendors in the game.

Which, once again, means you’ll need to go down to the nearest Market Board and hope your local economy isn’t too inflated at the moment.

Obviously, the benefit of doing it this way is you can buy as much as you need right away. So it’s not all bad.

If you’re flush with cash, this can be a much faster way of getting what you need.

But at least give the locations listed above a try – you might get lucky with a big haul.

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