Can I Regen GP Faster in Final Fantasy XIV?

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Gathering points (abbreviated to GP usually) are basically mana for your gatherer classes. And outside of leveling up (which increases regen rates over time), your GP can’t typically be regenerated significantly faster.

Hi-Cordials are one option to quickly re-full GP, but they’re not always the best solution – and we’ll cover more on that below.

Most players want to get the absolute most out of their gathering rotation. You probably can’t get enough of those nodes, but your gathering points keep running out, and you lose out on some of those premium items.

At some point your GP pool is gonna start massively eating into your gathering output. This affects your progression and your profitability.

Extracting high quality items from gathering nodes will often demand specific rotations. And if you don’t have enough GP to pull off that rotation, you’re gonna be out of luck.

Botanist Node Close-up screenshot / FFXIV
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The bad news is that no, you cannot regen GP faster.

The rate at which it refills is kinda fixed, and while the regen rate will increase naturally as you level, you can’t really boost it beyond that.

You can top it up occasionally with the use of potions called ‘Hi-Cordials’, which restore 400GP instantly.

But Hi-Cordials have a three minute recast timer. So you can’t just chug them like lukewarm coffee and get back to gathering.

What you should be doing is focusing on increasing your available GP.

That’s really the only way you’ll be getting around GP shortages.

The more points you have available, the more skills you’ll be able to use before needing a breather. You won’t have to rely on topping it up with Hi-Cordials, and you’ll just have to wait patiently for it to come back when it’s burned out.

It’s also worth pointing out that much of the advice in this article will apply to the crafting equivalent of GP.

CP works in much the same way, and you can increase your available CP through the same methods.


How Do I Increase My GP?

It’s pretty simple in concept, but you need to be looking at improving your gear.

Better gear confers better stats, and this can obviously boost your available GP as a result.

Your leveling flow as a gatherer will stall from time to time – and you’ll find that you just don’t have the juice you need to collect something.

When this happens, you need to look at improving your gear.

Early on, this can be done through Market Boards or quest rewards. But if you’re level 80 you should really be doing this via the Scrip system.

GP Bonus Gear Menu in FFXIV
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Another method is via Materia Melding.

This is a process that allows you to slot additional stats into your gear, improving it beyond the stats it already has. But honestly, outside of a few very specific bottlenecks in the gathering path from 1-80, I wouldn’t be too concerned about melding until you’re max level.

Chances are you’ll be swapping out your gear pretty regularly along the way, and melding can be a significant investment sometimes.

My final piece of advice on this subject: make sure you know your rotation.

If you’re blindly stabbing at skills, you aren’t going to be getting the most out of the GP you have in the first place.

Just like combat classes, you have skills to use in a certain order, and you won’t be performing at your best unless you do a little bit of research first.

I really can’t recommend this guide enough for novice crafters.

That site (FFXIV Guild) has a guide for every job. And it’s much easier to find your way forward with a little help.


How Do I Get Hi-Cordials?

Hi-Cordials are available via Scrip Exchange for twenty Yellow Gatherers Scrips.

They’re currently the top tier of GP recovery item available in-game, although this may change with the release of Endwalker.

You can use Hi-Cordials for a quick GP top-up, but they aren’t a solution you can use to overcome low GP availability.

For a sustainable GP increase, you need to be spending those scrips on good gear.

Plus you want to make sure that your gathering rotation is on point, and that you’re really getting the most out of the points you have.

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