FFXIV Returner Status: How It Works & How To Remove It

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Returner Status is applied to players who have come back to FFXIV after at least 45 days of not playing the game. They must also have at least one job leveled to level 50 or above.

As a returning player, you will be eligible to receive the Returner’s Bounty.

You can tell if someone has the Returner Status when they have a yellow flower icon next to their name in-game, much like the sprout icon for new players.

And you can get rid of the Returner Status on your own character by entering /returnerstatusoff into your chat bar.


What is the Returner’s Bounty?

Returner's Bounty / FFXIV
Returner’s Bounty

The Returner’s Bounty is a set of features and benefits given to returning players to help them get back into the game.

Included in the bounty is access to the Novice Network, bonus experience points when partying with a mentor, and the Returner online status icon.


Novice Network Details

The Novice Network is a chat channel that is reserved for new and returning players as well as players that have achieved the mentor status. Returners and newbies are encouraged to ask questions about the game and its features on this channel.


Bonus Experience Points

Level 17 Rogue / FFXIV
Level 17 Rogue

While more experience is always good, the bonus offered with the Returner’s Bounty is quite negligible for a few reasons.

First is the fact that the bonus is only applied to jobs under level 20. Given that one of the requirements for achieving the returner status is having a job of at least level 50, the bonus will only take effect when leveling an alternate job.

Next is the fact that you must be in a party with a mentor. This of course will depend on the availability of mentors on your server and can be affected by other factors like the time of day you play.

And finally, the bonus amount isn’t exactly specified. But considering the conditions needed to utilize the EXP bonus from being a returner, getting to level 20 should be pretty quick since you will definitely have EXP bonuses from other sources.


Returner Online Status Icon

This is merely an icon you can set as part of your status to let other players know that you are online and a returner. It does not affect your gameplay in any way.


How To Remove Returner Status

Level 90 Samurai / FFXIV
Level 90 Samurai

There are two different ways to lose your Returner Status.

  1. The first way is to lose it naturally. This occurs when you have accumulated 72 hours of game time after coming back to FFXIV.
  2. But the quicker way is to get rid of it manually. To do this, type /returnerstatusoff into your chat bar and hit enter.
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