FFXIV Rolanberry Cheesecake Recipe Guide

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Rolanberry cheesecake is a consumable item that gives you a 12% bonus to your Craftsmanship stat (15% when using the high-quality version), as well as a 3% increase in experience points gained for 30 minutes.

This item can be made by culinarians at level 50 using the following ingredients:

  • 3 Fire Crystals
  • 2 Water Crystals
  • 2 Rolanberry Cheese
  • 1 Sweet Cream
  • 1 Honey Lemon
  • 1 Gelatin

This recipe will yield 3 rolanberry cheesecakes when successful.

Rolanberry Cheesecake Crafting Details
Job Culinarian
Level 50
Yield 3
Durability 80
Difficulty 210
Maximum Quality 2200
Control Required 255
Quick Synthesis Control Required 318

Getting Fire & Water Crystals

Water Sprite / Final Fantasy XIV
Water Sprite

There are several different ways of obtaining crystals, but one of the quicker methods would be to go out and farm them by defeating sprite type enemies.

Sprites can be encountered in many different areas and have wide range of levels. The earliest you can encounter water sprites is at level 25 in the Upper Paths of the South Shroud while level 30 fire sprites can be found in the Red Labyrinth in Southern Thanalan.

Here’s a list of where you can find fire and water sprites:


Water Sprites

  • Level 25 – Upper Paths, South Shroud
  • Level 35 – Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea
  • Level 44-49 – Halfstone, Western La Noscea
  • Level 50 – Urth’s Fount, South Shroud
  • Level 50 – The Sea of Clouds
  • Level 59 – Dravanian Forelands
  • Level 59 – Dravanian Hinterlands
  • Level 63 – The Anemone Gardens, The Ruby Sea
  • Level 64 – The Gensui Chain, Yanxia
  • Level 65 – Sea of Blades, The Azim Steppe

Fire Sprites

  • Level 30 – The Red Labyrinth, Southern Thanalan
  • Level 32-33 – Sagolii Desert, Southern Thanalan
  • Level 45-49 – Zan’rak, Southern Thanalan
  • Level 59-60 – The Dravanian Forelands
  • Level 59-60 – Azys Lla
  • Level 66 – The Dusk Throne, The Azim Steppe

It’s tough to pinpoint these sprites with exact coordinates, as they’re usually spread out throughout a zone.

However, you can try looking for them in geographic locations that can be associated with their element – fire sprites in the desert or in and around volcanoes, and water sprites near bodies of water like rivers or lakes.

Crystals can also be obtained by disciples of the land by gathering from certain nodes.

  • Fire crystals can be collected by miners from level 30 nodes in the Wellwick Wood of Eastern Thanalan (X:24.3, Y:19.5) and by botanists in the Three-malm Bend in Middle La Noscea (X:16.7, Y:14.0)
  • Water crystals can be mined from level 30 mining points in Nophica’s Well in Western Thanalan (X:23.5, Y:23.2) and harvested by botanists in Bloodshore, Eastern La Noscea (X:27.8, Y:33.8)

Getting Sweet Cream, Gelatin & Rolanberry Cheese

Rolanberry Cheese / Final Fantasy XIV
Rolanberry Cheese

These three ingredients are also crafted by culinarians.

Here are their recipes:


Sweet Cream (Level 6)

  • 1 Fire Shard
  • 1 Buffalo Milk

Gelatin (Level 14)

  • 1 Fire Shard
  • 1 Bat Wing
  • 1 Brass Loach

Rolanberry Cheese (Level 43)

  • 5 Fire Shards
  • 2 Night Milk
  • 1 Rolanberry

Getting Honey Lemon

Lv50 Unspoiled Lush Vegetation Patch / Final Fantasy XIV
Lv50 Unspoiled Lush Vegetation Patch

Botanists can harvest honey lemons from level 50 unspoiled nodes in Bloodshore, Eastern La Noscea (X:27.9, Y:33.3).

The quickest way here is to take the aetheryte to Costa del Sol and travel southwest, near the area marked “Gullperch Tower” on your map.

The unspoiled node you’re looking for is called “Lv50 Unspoiled Lush Vegetation Patch.” It spawns in the designated area at 5AM Eorzea time and stays up for 3 in-game hours.

Honey lemons can also be obtained through the Gardening system with honey lemon seeds. These seeds can be harvested from the same unspoiled gathering point that provides the honey lemons.

Alternatively, retainers can also collect honey lemons through ventures. The option to farm honey lemons becomes available when retainers hit level 50 as either a botanist or fisher.


Crafting Rolanberry Cheesecakes

Rolanberry Cheesecake / Final Fantasy XIV
Rolanberry Cheesecake

Once you have all of the ingredients in your inventory and meet the level requirement for crafting, simply open your crafting log and select the Rolanberry Cheesecake recipe.

You may notice here that there’s a star next to the recipe level; this indicates a bump in difficulty compared to other level 50 recipes.

The more stars a recipe has, the more difficult it will be to craft.

Next, you have the option to select any high-quality version of any of the ingredients needed, should you have any. Using high-quality ingredients gives you a head start on the quality progress bar while crafting, giving you a better chance at cooking up an HQ version of the dish you’re making.

Note: Once you’ve manually crafted an item at least once, you’ll gain the option to use “Quick Synthesis” for it. This lets you automatically synthesize the selected item in rapid succession.

But Quick synthesis doesn’t allow you to use your crafting actions, so you won’t be able to influence the success rate or quality of the crafted items.

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