FFXIV: Is Shire Gear Worth Getting?

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Being easily accessible and with a relatively high item level, the Shire gearsets in FFXIV are definitely worth picking up at level 60. Shire equipment is your best bet for taking on Heavensward related content. And with an item level of 270, it will take you deep into the Stormblood Main Scenario.

These gearsets can be bought with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics from Hismena in Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:5.3) or the Rowena’s Representative NPC in the Foundation (X:10.5, Y:11.8).

An entire set of Shire equipment will cost you 3775 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics including the accessories.

If you’re still on the game’s free trial, then Shire gear will be arguably the best gearset you can get for your job.


Where Do You Obtain Shire Equipment?

The Foundation Aetheryte / FFXIV
The Foundation Aetheryte

Thanks to the Sundry Splendors update in patch 5.3, you can now purchase Shire gear much earlier than you originally could.

This update introduced Rowena’s Representative NPCs in every major city in the game.

This means you can purchase Shire equipment as soon as you’re granted access to the Foundation in Ishgard. Like Rowena’s other representatives, the one in Ishgard can be found near the main aetheryte plaza at (X:10.5, Y:11.8).

Rowena's Representative in Ishgard / FFXIV
Rowena’s Representative in Ishgard

You will first set foot in Ishgard at the very beginning of the Heavensward during the level 50 Main Scenario Quest “Coming to Ishgard”.

You can also exchange your tomestones for Shire gear from its original vendor in Idyllshire. This NPC’s name is Hismena, and you can find her in the settlement’s branch of Rowena’s House of Splendors at (X:5.8, Y:5.3).

You’ll gain access to Idyllshire during the level 58 Main Scenario Quest “A Great New Nation”.

Hismena in Idyllshire / FFXIV
Hismena in Idyllshire

Farming Allagan Tomestones of Poetics

Light Party screenshot / FFXIV
Light Party screenshot

Once a player reaches level 50 on any Disciple of War or Magic class, they can start earning Poetics.

You can earn these tomestones by going through different duties in the game such as raids, trials, and dungeons, as long as you’re on a job that’s between level 50 and whatever the current level cap is.


Method 1: Duty Roulette

Roulette Queue Icon / FFXIV
Roulette Queue Icon

A great way to farm Allagan Tomestones of Poetics is by using the Duty Roulette.

Each roulette normally rewards the player with Poetics on top of the ones you gain by playing through the instance.

If a job at level cap is used for any of the Duty Roulettes then Poetics are swapped out with the most current form of tomestones. As of patch 6.0, the current level cap is 90.

Regardless of whether you use the Duty Roulette or not, another bonus of 100 tomestones is added when you’re grouped up with someone running an instance for the first time. This bonus also applies to yourself, meaning you’ll get an extra 100 Poetics every time you run an instance for the first time.


Method 2: Wondrous Tails

Khloe's Stall in Idyllshire / FFXIV
Khloe’s Stall in Idyllshire

Another good source of Poetics is through Wondrous Tails.

This is a weekly set of goals that can give you various rewards.

To receive your objectives for the week, go to Idyllshire and request a Wondrous Tails Journal key item from Khloe Aliapoh at (X:5.7, Y:6.1). You can obtain a new journal from Khloe every Tuesday at 1AM PDT.

Wondrous Tails can be unlocked by completing the level 60 side quest “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs”. This quest is given by the Unctuous Adventurer in Idyllshire (X:7.0, Y:5.9).

Wondrous Tails UI screenshot / FFXIV
Wondrous Tails UI screenshot

Objectives given in Wondrous Tails consist of things like completing a dungeon that falls between a certain range, completing specific trials, or participating in PVP battles.

The rewards you can get from Wondrous Tails depends a bit on your luck. However, the basic reward of completing 9 objectives will give you the option to obtain 500 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.


What’s The Tomestone Cap?

Currency Menu / FFXIV
Currency Menu

There is no limit on how many Allagan Tomestones of Poetics you can receive from any of its sources.

However, each player can only hold a maximum of 2000 tomestones at any given time.

Make sure to spend any Poetics if you’re getting close to the limit, to make sure none of the ones you receive will go to waste. You can check how many tomestones you’re currently holding by opening your currency menu and looking at the “Battle” tab.

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