How To Get the Spectacles Emote in FFXIV

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You can get the Spectacles emote by going through a series of quests collectively known as the “Scholasticate Quests”. To be more specific, you get the emote when you complete a quest called “Letters From No One”.

To begin the Scholasticate story, speak with Mathye in The Pillars (X:6.2, Y:9.4) and accept the quest “Keeping the Ledger”. There’s a number of quests to get through before “Letters From No One”, but nothing complicated will get in your way since they’re all normal side quests.

Since the questline begins in the Pillars, you’ll need access to Ishgard to start.

The level 56 Main Scenario Quest “He Who Would Not Be Denied” also needs to be done before the Scholasticate quests become available.


Scholasticate Quests Walkthrough


1. Keeping the Ledger

Mathye in the Pillars / FFXIV
Mathye in the Pillars

After accepting the quest from Mathye, you’ll be given three objectives:

  • Search for the Seventy-two Articles in the scholasticate
  • Speak with the seminarians
  • Speak with Leigh

You can do these in any order, and they can all be found within Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral. Once you enter the cathedral, turn left and you’ll see Leigh at the Pillars (X:8.6, Y:8.6).

You’ll find the Scholasticate Lector NPC near Leigh at (X:8.3, Y:8.6). Speak to her to enter the scholasticate.

The rest of your objectives are found inside this section of the cathedral. Speak with the three NPCs that have quest markers and interact with the books on the shelves and tables until you find the right one.

After fulfilling all three objects, return to Mathye to finish the quest.


2. Contradicting Convictions

The Impertinent Pauper / FFXIV
The Impertinent Pauper

Talk to Mathye again to accept the next Scholasticate quest. Make your way over to The Pillars (X:8.9, Y:10.5) to speak with the Impertinent Pauper.

Go to the Brume and find Theomocent at Foundation (X:13.2, Y:12.3). When the cutscene ends, return to Mathye once more.


3. The Benefits of Consultation

Gaetelle and Bruvagnon / FFXIV
Gaetelle and Bruvagnon

Accept the quest from Gaetelle, who is right next to Mathye at the Pillars (X:6.2, Y:9.4). Go to Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral and enter the scholasticate once again to speak with Gaetelle and Bruvagnon.

After the cutscene, stay inside the scholasticate and speak with Theomocen. Next, go to Saint Valeroyant’s Forum and talk to Theomocent again at Foundation (X:12.5, Y:10.3).

Return to the scholasticate to give Bruvagnon an update. After another cutscene, speak with Bruvagnon again to end the quest.


4. Balancing the Spear

Crammevoix in the Pillars / FFXIV
Crammevoix in the Pillars

Bruvagnon will have the next quest available inside the scholasticate right after completing the previous one. Exit the scholasticate and speak with the Deacon inside the cathedral at the Pillars (X:7.7, Y:7.7).

Talk to Briardien after your audience with the headmistress. Return to the scholasticate and speak with Archombadin.

After your conversation with Archombadin, exit the scholasticate to speak with a couple of students in the Pillars. One of the students you are looking for is named Crammevoix and can be found at (X:10.0, Y:10.4), while the other one is Theomocent at (X:6.6, Y:9.6).

Return to the scholasticate and speak with Briardien to complete the quest.


5. More Than Meets Her Eye

Crammevoix in Coerthas Western Highlands / FFXIV
Crammevoix in Coerthas Western Highlands

Briardien will have the next quest available inside the scholasticate.

Head out into the Pillars to speak with Saturnois at (X:10.5, Y:9.8).

Next, run over to (X:9.9, Y:10.4) of the Pillars to speak with Theomocent. Follow Theomocent into Foundation and speak to him again at (X:10.4, Y:10.5).

Talk to Theomocent one more time at the same spot after the cutscene ends. After that, travel to the Coerthas Western Highlands to meet with Crammevoix at (X:38.1, Y:26.9).

Crammevoix will ask you to wait for him to return. Three Hunting Archaeornis will spawn while you wait, dispose of these monsters then continue waiting for Crammevoix at (X:38.1, Y:26.9).

When Crammevoix returns, go back to the Foundation and speak with the Lascivious Lass at (X:10.4, Y:10.6). After that, head to Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral to speak with Briardien at the Pillars (X:8.8, Y:7.9) to end the quest.


6. Divine Reckoning

Theomocent in Coerthas Western Highlands / FFXIV
Theomocent in Coerthas Western Highlands

Speak with Briardien inside Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral again to begin the quest. Afterwards, enter the scholasticate and speak with 5 of the students inside.

After speaking to the students, you’ll need to speak with Saturnois. He’s also inside the scholasticate so you don’t need to go far.

Travel to Coerthas Western Highlands and look for Theomocent at (X:33.5, Y:11.8). When you’re done speaking with Theomocent, return to Saturnois inside the scholasticate to finish the quest.


7. Through the Grapevine

Lebrassoir in the Pillars / FFXIV
Lebrassoir in the Pillars

After accepting the quest from Saturnois, exit the scholasticate and locate an NPC named Lebrassoir. He can be found in the Pillars at (X:12.3, Y:12.0).

When you’re done talking to Lebrassoir, return to Saint Reymaunaud’s Cathedral to speak with Briardien. For the next part of the quest, head over to the Brume in Foundation and talk to the following NPCs:

  • Goldin at (X:11.8, Y:12.2)
  • Ben at (X:13.2, Y:12.2)
  • Gibrillont at (X:13.0, Y:11.9)

Once you’ve spoken to all of the NPCs, return to the cathedral and speak to Briardien to end the quest.


8. A Familial Resemblance

Blaisie in a Cutscene / FFXIV
Blaisie in a Cutscene

You’ll need to enter the scholasticate and speak to five students again after accepting the quest from Briardien. After that, speak to an NPC named Blaisie at the Pillars (X:13.1, Y:10.5).

Return to Briardien again to end the quest after the cutscene plays.


9. Finding Ulaa

Cutscene for Finding Ulaa / FFXIV
Cutscene for Finding Ulaa

Accept the quest from Briardien inside the cathedral and make your way to the Jeweled Crozier at the Pillars (X:6.7, Y:9.6). After a quick cutscene, meet up with Briardien in Foundation (X:11.1, Y:13.0).

Briardien will exit Foundation into Coerthas Central Highlands. Follow him and meet up once again at Coerthas Central Highlands (X:18.5, Y:18.2).

Go to the marked destination at (X:17.6, Y:18.4) and enter “inspection” into the chat bar while in Say mode. A short cutscene will play and you’ll have to defeat the Caravan Guard and Caravan Merchant afterwards.

Once the enemies are dealt with, speak with Briardien at (X:18.1, Y:18.5). After that, return to the cathedral and talk to Briardien again to end the quest.


10. The Student Body’s Revenge

Commotion in the Scholasticate / FFXIV
Commotion in the Scholasticate

A cutscene will play immediately after accepting the quest from Briardien.

Once it’s over, go to the scholasticate and another cutscene will play as soon as you enter.

After the second cutscene, target the Stern Seminarian and type /soothe into your chat bar. Next, target the Sincere Seminarian and type /rally.

Speak with Theomocent inside the scholasticate to end the quest.


11. The Whipping Boy

Saturnois Inside the Cathedral / FFXIV
Saturnois Inside the Cathedral

Once you’ve accepted the quest from Theomocent, exit the scholasticate and speak with Saturnois inside Saint Reymaunaud’s Cathedral at the Pillars (X:8.8, Y:8.0) to trigger a cutscene.

Next, get to (X:10.5, Y:9.8) of the Pillars to speak with Archombadin.

After Archombadin says his piece, target him and type /soothe into your chat bar to end the quest.


12. Letters from No One

Briardien Reading a Letter / FFXIV
Briardien Reading a Letter

When you accept the quest from Theomocent at the Pillars (X:10.5, Y:9.8), you’ll be prompted to return to the scholasticate and search for suspicious letters.

Once you’ve collected the suspicious letters, speak to Theomocent inside the scholasticate.

Talk to Theomocent one more time to end the quest. This time he can be found just outside the cathedral at the Pillars (X:10.2, Y:9.4).

You will be rewarded with the spectacles emote along with your very own pair of inspector’s eyeglasses after completing this quest. If you wish to know how the scholasticate quests end, accept the final quest from Briardien at the Pillars (X:10.5, Y:9.9).


How To Use the Spectacles Emote

Sage using the Spectacles Emote / FFXIV
Sage using the Spectacles Emote

The Spectacles Emote can be used by typing in /spectacles into your chat bar. There is no “Ballroom Etiquette” item attached to it, so you can perform it as soon as you finish “Letters From No One”.

The phrase “You straighten your spectacles” appears in the chat when using this emote.

Also note that the emote may look slightly different depending on the race of the character performing it.

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