Where Do You Get Spruce Logs in FFXIV? (Location + Uses)

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Spruce logs can be gathered by level 50 botanists from an unspoiled node in the Coerthas Central Highlands (X:27.3, Y:12.7).

Granted there are many other ways to obtain spruce logs, such as treasure hunt maps and voyages.

You can also request help of your retainers when gathering spruce logs.

Gathering anything as a Disciple of the Land is usually the most effective way to farm items – but that isn’t always the case when the item you’re looking for is harvested exclusively from unspoiled nodes.

So let’s dive deeper into all the methods you have for getting Spruce Logs in the game.


Logging in Providence Point

To get to the spot with the node containing spruce logs, take the aetheryte to Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas.

Then from there, head north to where it says “Providence Point” on the map.

As mentioned earlier, spruce logs are found in what are called “unspoiled” gathering points. These nodes are special in that they contain unique items, and only spawn during a specific time of day within a fixed window of opportunity.

The node you’re looking for in Providence Point appears at 9 AM Eorzean time, and remains visible for 3 Eorzean hours. This is roughly 10 minutes in Earth time.


Spruced Up Treasure Maps

Peisteskin Map Screenshot / FFXIV
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Treasure hunting is a system in FFXIV that’s unlocked through the level 36 side quest “Treasures and Tribulations” from H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea (X:21, Y:21).

This allows the player to decipher timeworn maps obtained from gathering as a Disciple of the Land, and you’ll go looking for treasure coffers in the area indicated on that map.

Treasure chests found with Timeworn Peisteskin Maps are the ones that have a chance of containing spruce logs.

Besides finding them in level 50 (or higher) gathering nodes, these maps can also be bought off the market board. Do note, however, that you may only have one in your inventory at a time.

A full party of eight level 50 players is recommended for these maps, but I was able to take care of everything solo at level 90.

Once you’ve found the correct area shown on your Peisteskin Map, use the “Dig” action to uncover the coffer.

Dispose of the enemies that spawn and you’ll be able to claim your prize.


Ventures & Voyages

Sending your retainers out on ventures is a great way to stock up on items.

If any of your retainers are at least level 50, then you have the option to send them out to gather spruce logs.

If your NPC companion meets the level requirement, the option for spruce logs should show up when assigning them a venture.

The whole thing will take 1 hour to complete, but that can be shortened depending on your retainer’s level.

The number of logs you’ll get back will range from 3 to 11, depending on your retainer’s perception stat. A perception of at least 336 will guarantee the maximum number gathered.

Voyages are similar to ventures, but instead of being done by individual players, they’re done as a Free Company.

Also, instead of sending out NPCs that you employ, you send out vessels such as airships and submarines.

There are two voyage destinations that can provide you with spruce logs:

  • Deep-sea Site 6
  • Wreckage of the Windwalker

Uses For Spruce Logs

Fufucha, The Botanist Guildmaster Screenshot / FFXIV
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One of the first uses you’ll have for spruce logs is to complete the level 50 botanist class quest “Seeds of Hope”.

This quest is given by the botanist guildmaster Fufucha in Old Gridania (X:6.5, Y:7.7), and it actually serves as a tutorial for unspoiled gathering points.

The quest actually directs you towards the node in Providence Point that we mentioned at the start of this guide.

But these logs are also used in a couple of level 50 Carpenter Master Recipes – specifically these:

  • Blank Grade 2 Orchestrion Roll
  • Spruce Lumber

Spruce lumber can then be used across a wide variety of master recipes, most of which are for housing items like tables and walls.

But Free Company crafting items also have a need for spruce logs.

Here’s a list of what they can be used for with your FC:

  • Large Arms Supplier’s Walls
  • Large Eatery Walls
  • Large Outfitter’s Walls
  • Medium Arms Supplier’s Walls
  • Medium Eatery Walls
  • Medium Merchant’s Walls
  • Medium Outfitter’s Walls
  • Smally Arms Supplier’s Walls
  • Small Eatery Walls
  • Small Merchant’s Walls
  • Small Outfitter’s Walls
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