Where Do You Farm Sublime Solution in FFXIV?

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Sublime solutions can be purchased them with 125 White Crafters’ Scrips from several NPC vendors with the name “Scrip Exchange” found throughout the game. You can also get sublime solutions from desynthesis, but it’s likely easier to get these via the Scrip Exchange.

To gain access to the vendors, you must first unlock the Collectables system that was introduced in the Heavensward expansion. To do this, you’ll need to complete the level 50 Heavensward Main Scenario Quest titled “The Better Half” and have a Disciple of the Land/Hand class at level 50 or above.

Once that’s all set, head over to the Foundation and look for Morgayne at (X:10.1, Y:10.4). He will give you the quest “Inscrutable Tastes”. Completing this quest will unlock the Collectables system.

Additional levels of scrip exchanges can be unlocked in each of the following expansions by doing the following quests:

  • Stormblood: Reach Long and Prosper – Rhalgr’s Reach (Galiena at X:9.8, Y:12.5)
  • Shadowbringers: The Boutique Always Wins – Eulmore (Mowen at X:11.4, Y:10.7)
  • Endwalker: Expanding House of Splendors – Radz-at-Han (Ofpilona at X:11.7, Y:9.6)

Once you have Collectables unlocked, you can also find the many Scrip Exchange NPC’s in these locations:

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:11.9)
  • Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.2, Y:10.8)
  • Old Gridania (X:14.1, Y:9.1)
  • Mor Dhona (X:22.4, Y:6.7)
  • Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:7.0)
  • Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.9, Y:12.5)
  • Crystarium (X:9.8, Y:8.5)
  • Eulmore (X:11.5, Y:10.8)
  • Old Sharlayan (X:4.9, Y:9.3)
  • Radz-at-Han (X:11.6, Y:9.4)

How Do You Get White Crafters’ Scrips?

Scrip Exchange and Collectable Appraiser / FFXIV
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To start earning White Crafters Scrips, you need to start crafting collectables and turning them into Collectable Appraiser NPCs.

These appraisers are usually found right next to the Scrip Exchange vendors listed above.

You can access your collectable recipes by opening your crafting log and clicking on the special recipes tab on the left side of the window. From here, you can start crafting collectables the same way you would other items.

Once you do start crafting, you may notice that underneath the “Quality” progress bar on the interface, there’s also something called “Collectability”.

An item’s collectability will go up alongside its quality, so there’s nothing special you’re required to do to raise this stat.

Just use your touch actions as you would normally when trying to craft a high-quality item. When turning in collectables to appraisers, the ones with a higher collectability rating will net you more White Scrips per turn in.


Other Ways To Get Sublime Solution

Desynthesis Result / FFXIV
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There are a couple of other ways to get sublime solutions other than trading in collectables.

The first way is by doing level 80 dungeons and desynthesizing the pieces of equipment you obtain from chests.

All of the gear dropped from any level 80 dungeon has a chance to yield a sublime solution when desynthesized. However, this is considered a rare drop – so the probability of obtaining one is relatively low.

The first level 80 dungeon is unlocked through the Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest also titled “Shadowbringers”. More become available through the expansion’s optional quests and patch content MSQ.

Here’s a list of all the level 80 dungeons:

  • Amaurot
  • The Twinning
  • Akadaemia Anyder
  • The Grand Cosmos
  • Anamnesis Anyder
  • The Heroes’ Gauntlet
  • Matoya’s Relict
  • Paglth’an

Desynthesis is another system in FFXIV that allows you to break down certain items into different components. To unlock this feature, you must have a level 30 Disciple of the Hand class and complete the quest “Gone to Pieces” given by Syntgoht in UIl’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14. Y:10).

Every job has its own desynthesis skill level. The higher this is, the better chance you have of obtaining rare items from desynthesizing stuff.

But the second alternative for obtaining sublime solutions is simple – buy them off of the market board!

If you’re in a hurry to obtain these solutions, buying them is a quick way to procure plenty – given they’re in stock and at a reasonable price on your server.


What Are Sublime Solutions Used For?

Facet Gear Set of Crafting / FFXIV
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Sublime solutions are used in a number of level 80 master crafting recipes, mainly the Facet sets of both crafting and gathering.

These pieces of equipment have an item level of 460.

Sublime solutions are also used in various level 80 alchemist recipes, such as grade 3 and 4 alkahests.

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