What Are Supply and Provisioning Missions? (FFXIV)

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Supply and Provisioning Missions is a feature that provides a quick way of obtaining experience points for your crafter and gatherer classes in FFXIV. They become available after joining a Grand Company through the level 20 Main Scenario Quest “The Company You Keep”.

There are three variations of this Main Scenario Quest depending on which Grand Company you decide to join. Once you officially join the ranks of either the Immortal Flames, the Maelstrom, or the Order of the Twin Adder, you can participate in Supply and Provisioning missions by speaking with your company’s Personnel Officer.


How Supply and Provisioning Missions Work

The Adder's Nest / FFXIV
The Adder’s Nest

Head to your Grand Company’s headquarters and speak with the Personnel Officer. They can be found at the following locations:

Grand Company Personnel Officer Location
Immortal Flames Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.3, Y:9.1)
Maelstrom Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13.1, Y:12.7)
Order of the Twin Adder New Gridania (X:9.8, Y:11.0)

When you speak with your Personnel Officer, simply choose the Supply and Provisioning Missions option. Here, you will see three tabs – one for Supply, one for Provisioning, and a third tab for Expert Delivery.

Supply and Provisioning missions are basically the same thing.

The only difference is that Supply missions are for Disciples of the Hand, while Provisioning missions are for Disciples of the Land.

The Supply and Provisioning tabs will list different items for each class along with the quantity being requested. To submit the requested items, you must be on the corresponding class.

Flame Personnel Officer / FFXIV
Flame Personnel Officer

It does not matter if you have crafted the items yourself or bought them off of the market board, the Personnel Officer will still accept them. Once you give your Grand Company the requested items, you will receive an amount of company seals and experience points that’s also indicated in the Supply and Provisioning tabs.

Submitting high-quality versions of items will reward you with even more seals and experience points.

Supply and Provisioning missions can be done once daily for each crafting and gathering class. The rewards for these missions reset every 8AM PST.


Using Grand Company Seals

The Hall of Flames / FFXIV
The Hall of Flames

Grand Company Seals or “Company Seals” is a general term used to refer to 3 different currencies in the game. These currencies are the Storm Seals, Flame Seals, and Serpent Seals.

While they do serve the same function (purchasing items from your Grand Company), they are earned separately.

You will automatically be rewarded Company Seals for your current Grand Company when participating in activities that reward you with such currency.

To purchase items with Company Seals, speak with the Quartermaster in your Grand Company’s headquarters. Company seals can be used on items such as gear and crafting materials.

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