FFXIV: What Are Touch Actions?

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Touch actions are abilities learned by Disciples of the Hand to increase their chances at creating a high-quality item. There are several different types of touch actions you will learn on your way to becoming a master crafter such as “Basic Touch” and “Hasty Touch”.

Touch actions are standard across all crafting classes.

While they may have different action icons, they all have the same name and have the same effects.

Just like your synthesis actions, touch abilities will lower the durability of your materials. Looking for the right mix of touch and synthesis abilities while managing your CP is key to consistently creating high-quality items.


FFXIV Crafting Basics

When you start crafting an item, you’ll notice two bars on the interface that will open up.

One of these bars is for progress and the other is for quality.

Crafting UI Menu / FFXIV
Crafting UI Menu

The progress bar shows how close you are to completing your crafting process. You will need to completely fill this bar up before your durability runs out, otherwise the crafting process will be unsuccessful.

The quality bar shows the odds of how likely the crafted item will be its high-quality or HQ version after you’re done crafting. Using touch actions will fill this bar up, and having a full bar means you are guaranteed an HQ item.

The “Control” stat affects how effective your Touch Actions are in increasing quality.


The Different Touch Actions

Let’s take a look at the different touch abilities and how they differ from one another.


Basic Touch (Level 5)

Basic Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 100% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 18 CP Cost

Hasty Touch (Level 9)

Hasty Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 100% Efficiency
  • 60% Success Rate
  • 0 CP Cost

Standard Touch (Level 18)

Standard Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 125% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 32 CP Cost
  • Combo with Basic Touch: 18 CP Cost

Precise Touch (Level 53)

Precise Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 150% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 18 CP Cost
  • Only available when condition is “Good” or Excellent”

Prudent Touch (Level 66)

Prudent Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 100% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 25 CP Cost
  • Half durability cost
  • Unavailable when “Waste Not” is active

Focused Touch (Level 68)

Focused Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 150% Efficiency
  • 50% Success Rate
  • 18 CP Cost
  • Combo with Observe: 100% Success Rate

Preparatory Touch (Level 71)

Preparatory Touch Ability / FFXIV
  • 200% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Durability cost doubled (20)

Advanced Touch (Level 84)

Advanced Touch Ability / FFXIV
Advanced Touch Ability
  • 150% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 46 CP Cost
  • Combo with Standard Touch: 18 CP Cost

Other Actions & Traits That Affect Touch Efficiency


Inner Quiet (Level 11)

Inner Quiet Trait / FFXIV
  • Passive Trait
  • Gain a stack of Inner Quiet every time quality is increased
  • Raise efficiency of Touch Actions by 10% for each stack of Inner Quiet
  • Maximum of 10 stacks

Great Strides (Level 21)

Great Strides Ability / FFXIV
  • Increase next Touch Action efficiency by 100%
  • 32 CP Cost
  • 3 step duration

Innovation (Level 26)

Innovation Ability / FFXIV
  • Increase next Touch Action efficiency by 50%
  • 18 CP Cost
  • 4 step duration

Byregot’s Blessing (Level 50)

Byregot’s Blessing Ability / FFXIV
  • 100% Efficiency
  • 100% Success Rate
  • 24 CP Cost
  • Additional 20% Efficiency per stack of Inner Quiet

Benefits of Crafting HQ Items

Market Board close-up / FFXIV
Market Board close-up

Of course, it goes without saying that high-quality items are better than the normal quality ones. But in FFXIV, why they’re better will differ depending on the type of item it is.

For food, HQ versions will give slightly higher buffs for the duration of the “Well Fed” status.

Gear will provide higher stats including Defense and Magic Defense.

High-quality materials will raise your starting quality value when crafting, making it easier to craft even more HQ items.

And of course, HQ items will net you more gil when selling them on the market board.

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