Best Ways To Farm Treant Sap in FFXIV (Locations + Uses)

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Treant sap can be farmed by defeating Treats – large sentient trees, basically. They’re usually found in forested areas, so you’ll find a variety of them in the Black Shroud.

Your earliest encounter with one of these creatures is likely to be the Level 21 Diseased Treants found in The Bramble Patch of East Shroud (X:17.0, Y:23.0). While this variant of seedkin isn’t aggressive, they are accompanied by Wild Boars (also level 21) that are.

Of all your options, hunting treants is likely to be the most efficient method of farming. But the table below will list every way you can get plenty of Treant sap:

Source Type Location Description
Timeworn Peisteskin Map Treasure Map Random Maps found in gathering points
Angered Elm Level 18-22 Monster Upper Paths, South Shroud Spawned from levequest
Diseased Treant Level 21 Monster East Shroud (X:17.0, Y:23.0) Random drop
Treant Level 36 Monster South Shroud (X:23.4, Y:23.7) Random drop
Dryad Level 37 Monster North Shroud (X:23.0, Y:25.0) Random drop
Old-growth Treant Level 41 Monster East Shroud (X:27.0, Y:22.0) Random drop
Sylphlands Sentinel Level 48 Monster East Shroud (X:24.0, Y:11.0) Random drop
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 25 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete

Hunting Treants

Diseased Treant / FFXIV
Diseased Treant

Many different types of treants that drop their sap when defeated can be found across Eorzea.

Let’s list them below, along with where to look for them:

  • Angered Elm (Level 18-22) – spawns during the Level 15 Lancer Class quest “A Dangerous Proposition” and the levequest “Treevenge” in the South Shroud
  • Diseased Treant (Level 17-25) – Can be found wandering around the East Shroud (X:17.0, Y:23.0) and also spawns during the Level 20 FATE “Protecting the Patch” in the East Shroud (X:18.0, Y:25.0). It also spawns in the South Shroud during the Level 25 Conjurer Class Quest “Like Mother Like Daughter”
  • Treant (Level 36) – Found in the South Shroud in an area called Snakemolt (X:23.4, Y:23.7). This is the same path south of the Quarrymill aetheryte that leads to the entrance of Amdapor Keep
  • Dryad (Level 37) – Found in the North Shroud (X:23.0, Y:25.0)
  • Old-growth Treant (Level 41) – Found in Larkscall, East Shroud (X:27.0, Y:22.0)
  • Sylphlands Sentinel (Level 48) – Found in the northernmost part of the Sylphlands in the East Shroud (X:24.0, Y:11.0)

It’s generally better to farm the mobs that spawn naturally out in the open such as the Dryads, as opposed to ones that spawn under certain conditions (FATEs, Levequests) or during quests.


Treasure Hunts for Sap

Timeworn Peisteskin Map / FFXIV
Timeworn Peisteskin Map

The treasure hunt system in FFXIV lets players decipher maps that will lead them to hidden treasure coffers throughout Eorzea. To unlock it, you must first complete the Level 36 quest “Treasures and Tribulations” from H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea (X:21.0, Y:21.0)

Once the quest is done, you will learn the “Decipher” action that is used on timeworn maps to lead you to your clues in finding treasure.

There are several different types of timeworn maps and they are mainly found by Disciples of the Land in various different gathering nodes that are at least level 40. Most timeworn maps can also be bought off of the market board.

Treasure coffers that might contain treant sap can be found with Timeworn Peisteskin maps.

Once deciphered, each map will direct you to one of the zones introduced during A Realm Reborn.

Keep in mind that the items found in these treasure coffers are somewhat random, so they may not always contain any treant sap.


Hunting Exploration Ventures

Level 25 Hunting Exploration Ventures / FFXIV
Level 25 Hunting Exploration Ventures

Ventures are a way for your retainers to help you out other than by providing extra storage space and selling items on the market board. Through ventures, they can also go out in little adventures of their own to help you farm certain items.

Hunting exploration ventures lets you choose a specific item for your retainer to farm from a list that grows as your NPC companion gets stronger.

The option for farming treant sap becomes available once your retainer hits level 25 as a Disciple of War or Magic.

This type of venture takes 60 minutes to complete by default, but the duration can be reduced by leveling up your retainer.

5 to 15 saps can be brought back per run depending on the retainer’s average item level. An item level of at least 45 will guarantee 15 treant saps per run.


Crafting with Treant Sap

Alchemists' Guild Entrance / FFXIV
Alchemists’ Guild Entrance

Treant sap is used mainly by alchemists to craft the following items:

  • Hi-Potion of Mind (Level 31)
  • Hi-Potion of Intelligence (Level 32)
  • Hi-Potion of Vitality (Level 32)
  • Hi-Elixir (Level 50)

These items are used by players to either recover HP and MP, or boost specific stats for a short period of time. So this sap can be pretty useful to keep around.

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