FFXIV Truth Of Oceans: What Does It Do & How To Unlock

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Truth Of Oceans is an ability available to Fishers in Final Fantasy XIV. It helps players find and catch lesser-common creatures that are hiding in the shadows, unlocked at level 65.

I’ve gone into detail about the pleasures of fishing many times. It’s a great antidote to the busy lifestyle of a Warrior of Light, and while it may not offer as many practical rewards as other gathering jobs, it can be really satisfying in its own way.

The great thing about crafting/gathering jobs in XIV is they get constantly updated and brought forward along with the rest of the game.

The release of the Stormblood expansion saw the addition of spearfishing to the game, along with a bevy of new abilities to go with it.

Truth Of Oceans is one of those abilities, and so is its prerequisite action Fathom.

Unfortunately, the wording for what Truth Of Oceans actually does from a gameplay perspective is a little vague… but we can break it down here.

It’ll basically be on passively while you spearfish. Catching specific fish in specific locations “progresses” Truth Of Oceans four times, until it reveals a hidden location you can use to catch something rare.


When Will I Unlock Truth Of Oceans?

You’ll unlock Truth Of Oceans when you reach level 65 on your Fisher job. But there’s quite a few hoops to jump through before you get to that point.

You’ll need to have reached Stormblood in the Main Scenario Quest series (and made a fair bit of progress in it).

Once you’ve completed the main story quest named “In Soroban We Trust”, you’ll be able to access an NPC named Sumitsubo in The Ruby Sea’s Tamamizu area (X:28.9, Y:15.9).

Sumitsubo NPC in Ruby Sea Close-Up FFXIV Screenshot
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Sumitsubo offers a quest called “A New Fishing Ex-Spear-ience”, which (surprise!) will unlock spearfishing and give you a couple of new skills to play with.

Now you can hit up all of Stormblood’s hottest fishing spots!

Using Truth Of Oceans also requires Fathom to be active, which is a skill you’ll learn at level 61.

Fathom automatically activates when you change your job to Fisher, so you don’t need to worry about turning it on and off.


How To Use Truth Of Oceans

Truth Of Oceans will basically highlight when a catchable creature is “lurking in the shadows”.

In theory, you’ll get a sequence of four messages that pop up while spearfishing. Once you’ve had all four messages, a special node will appear.

The messages are as follows:

1. “You sense further movement in the shadows”

2. “The swimming shadows intensify”

3. “The swimming shadows begin to take shape!”

4. “The shadow of an elusive sea creature lurks nearby!”

Once that final message appears, a Truth of Oceans node will spawn nearby.

Getting those messages to trigger can be a little fiddly, though – you’ll usually have to catch a certain fish by spearfishing in specific locations. This will progress the messages and spawn the node. You can then head over to it for a chance at catching a fish you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else!

If you’d like some ideas on where to make the most out of your spearfishing adventures, check out this blog post.

The XIV community has listed a fair few spots where you can use Truth Of Oceans effectively, so it takes a lot of the guesswork out of spearfishing.

If you don’t already enjoy fishing, then spearfishing won’t exactly be a game changer.

It’s definitely not worth grinding up to level sixty just to unlock it.

But it may well offer you something new and exciting to do if fishing’s your thing.


Is Truth Of Oceans Important To Fishers?

Well, fishing is far more of a novelty pastime than an actual profitable job in Final Fantasy XIV.

Like most additions to the job, this is more of a flavor activity than anything else.

It’s not vital to the role, but it adds an extra bit of fun to the process.

Spearfishing is a new way to explore the beautiful zones that Stormblood has to offer – and Truth Of Oceans adds a bit of extra depth to the process!

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