FFXIV: How To Unlock Kugane Ohashi (Yojimbo Trial)

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Kugane Ohashi, otherwise known as the Yojimbo Trial, is unlocked through the side quest “The Past is Never Past”. This quest can be obtained from Nashu in Kugane (X:10.4, Y:8.2) and is part of the Hildibrand series of quests.

In the Hildibrand quests, you join inspector extraordinaire Hildibrand Manderville and his assistant Nashu. New adventures with the inspector are normally added in post-expansion patches with Shadowbringers being the exception.

Kugane Ohashi is part of the batch of quests that were added during the post-Stormblood patches. As such, you will need to complete the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and be up to date with earlier Hildibrand quests to begin this story.


Quick Step-by-Step Unlocking Guide

Nashu, Hildibrand's Assistant / FFXIV
Nashu, Hildibrand’s Assistant
  1. Complete the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”
  2. Complete the “Hildibrand Quests” storyline from A Realm Reborn
  3. Complete the “Further Hildibrand Quests” storyline from Heavensward
  4. Travel to Kugane and speak with the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man at (X:10.6, Y:9.8)
  5. Accept the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East” and clear it
  6. Complete the quest “Life Imitates Art Imitates Life” from Nashu in Kugane (X11.7, Y:8.8)
  7. Complete the quest “Of Wolves and Gentleman” from Nashu in Kugane (X11.7, Y:8.8)
  8. Complete the quest “In the Eye of the Hingan” from Shigure in Kugane (X:13.2, Y:13.3)
  9. Complete the quest “The Blade Mislaid” from Shigure in Kugane (X:9.9, Y:7.8)
  10. Complete the quest “The Black Heart Beneath” from Shigure in Kugane (X:12.5, Y:8.1)
  11. Complete the quest “Good Swords, Good Dogs” from Hildibrand in Kugane (X:12.1, Y:6.0)
  12. Accept the quest “The Past is Never Past” from Nashuin Kugane (X:10.4, Y:8.2)
  13. Catch up with Hildibrand at Kugane (X:12.2, Y:14.9)

Detailed Walkthrough

Kugane Sunset / Final Fantasy XIV
Kugane Sunset

Once you’ve completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and cleared prior Hildibrand quests, travel to Kugane to speak with the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man at (X:10.6, Y:9.8). He will offer you the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East”.

Accept this quest to begin the Stormblood chapter of Inspector Hildibrand’s adventures. These quests take place in the Far East and tells the story of a thief trying to steal the Soboro Sukehiro, a legendary katana.

Hildibrand Manderville / FFXIV
Hildibrand Manderville

Most of the quests are pretty straightforward, mostly requiring you to follow quest markers and interrogating nearby NPCs. Once you are done with the quest “Good Swords, Good Dogs”, head over to Kugane (X:10.4, Y:8.2) to speak with Nashu and begin “The Past is Never Past”.

At this point in the story, Hildibrand has begun inspecting the businessman named Akebono.

Though you and the investigator struggle to make progress with this endeavor, Nashu receives a note from someone who claims to have the Soboro Sukehiro.

Hildibrand Outside of Kugane Ohashi / Final Fantasy XIV
Hildibrand Outside of Kugane Ohashi

The writer of this note also issues a challenge to duel with the “something-something of light”. Hildibrand believes this to be directed to him and runs off to answer the challenge.

Follow Hildy and you’ll find him in a familiar predicament just outside the Garlean Consulate in Kugane (X:12.2, Y:14.9). As the Inspector Extraordinaire does not seem fit to continue, he leaves it up to you to face this challenger.

You can now access Kugane Ohashi in the Duty Finder.


Rewards From Kugane Ohashi

Yojimbo Barding / FFXIV
Yojimbo Barding

Defeating the Kugane Ohashi trial will spawn a treasure chest that contains loot, just like most other trials.

However, there’s only one item that will be found inside the coffer – the Yojimbo barding.

Using this item will allow your chocobo companion to wear armor that looks similar to Yojimbo’s clothing. Each party member will cast lots to get a chance at obtaining the barding.

Aside from the Yojimbo barding, each player has a chance at obtaining the Stormblood Gilgamesh card. This is a 4-star Triple Triad card that will go directly to your inventory if it drops.

Additionally, defeating Yojimbo will allow you to progress the Hildibrand story. The quest that follows “The Past is Never Past” is called “Don’t Do the Dewprism” and concludes the Stormblood chapter of Hildibrand’s adventures.

Completing “Don’t Do the Dewprism” will reward you with the Manderville Mambo emote.

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