FFXIV: How To Unlock the Lexen-tails Hairstyle

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The Lexen-tails hairstyle is unlocked by completing the quest “The City of Lost Angels”. This quest includes clearing the third and final alliance raid in the “Return to Ivalice” quest line called “The Orbonne Monastery”.

Once “The City of Lost Angels” has been completed, the hairstyle will become available for purchase from the Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer (X:5.4, Y:6.5). The Modern Aesthetics – Lexen-tails item will cost you 50,000 MGP.

After using the item from your inventory, you can change your hairstyle to Lexen-tails through the Aesthetician at any Inn Room.


Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

The Prima Vista / FFXIV
The Prima Vista
  1. Complete the level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”
  2. Travel to Kugane and accept the quest “Dramatis Personae” from Keiten at (X:12.2, Y:12.3)
  3. Progress the “Return to Ivalice” quest line up to “The City of Lost Angels”
  4. Speak with Jenomis cen Lexentale aboard the Prima Vista (X:5.9, Y:5.9) to begin “The City of Lost Angels”
  5. Clear the 24-man Alliance Raid “The Orbonne Monsatery”
  6. Head to the Gold Saucer (X:5.4, Y:6.5) and purchase “Modern Aesthetics – Lexen-tails” from the Gold Saucer Attendant for 50,000 MGP
  7. Use the “Modern Aesthetics – Lexen-tails” item from your inventory

Farming MGP

Inside the Manderville Gold Saucer / Final Fantasy XIV
Inside the Manderville Gold Saucer

The Manderville Gold Saucer is Eorzea’s very own amusement park found in Southern Thanalan. It’s a call back to Final Fantasy VII’s Golden Saucer, and is unlocked through the side quest “It Could Happen to You”.

This quest is offered by the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:9.0, Y:9.0).

Inside the Gold Saucer, you’ll find many mini-games that will reward you with Manderville Gold Saucer Points or “MGP”. MGP serves as a currency within the park to buy various rewards like hairstyles, mounts, and glamour items.

There are many ways you can earn MGP both inside of the Gold Saucer and out – so let’s take a look at some of the more popular ways of earning some Gold Saucer currency.


Method 1: Mini Cactpot

Mini Cactpot NPC / FFXIV
Mini Cactpot NPC

The Mini Cactpot functions like your typical lottery scratchers where you are rewarded MGP based on the numbers you uncover. You can purchase 3 of these tickets daily.


Method 2: Jumbo Cactpot

Jumbo Cactpot NPC / Final Fantasy XIV
Jumbo Cactpot NPC

Another lottery-style game where you select 4 digits and win MGP if they match the numbers that are drawn. Jumbo Cactpot numbers are drawn weekly and the prize will depend on the number of players that purchase tickets.

You can by 3 Jumbo Cactpot tickets per week.


Method 3: Triple Triad

Triple Triad UI / FFXIV
Triple Triad UI

The card battle mini-game that was introduced in Final Fantasy VIII makes a return in FFXIV.

Winning against NPCs will net you some MGP, but you can also play this game with other players.

Duplicate cards you obtain can also be sold to the Triple Triad NPC in the Gold Saucer (X:4.0, Y:7.0) for even more MGP.


Method 4: Fashion Report

The Masked Rose / Final Fantasy XIV
The Masked Rose

This is a weekly challenge where players are asked to dress according to a certain theme and present themselves to Masked Rose.

Your MGP reward will depend on the rating Masked Rose gives your outfit.


Method 5: Wondrous Tails

Khloe Aliapoh, Wondrous Tails NPC / FFXIV
Khloe Aliapoh, Wondrous Tails NPC

Wondrous Tails will give you a set of objectives you can complete by running certain instances. Doing these tasks will reward you with a sticker which will then determine what prizes you may obtain.

Among the possible rewards are MGP vouchers which when used will give you a large sum of MGP. If you are lucky enough, you can obtain up to 1 million MGP from completing your weekly Wondrous Tails objectives.

These are just some of the more common ways of obtaining MGP since they’re not very time consuming.

There are still plenty of other options within the Gold Saucer, like chocobo racing or Lord of Verminion.


How To Summon the Aesthetician

Jandelaine the Aesthetician / Final Fantasy XIV
Jandelaine the Aesthetician

The Aesthetician is an NPC you can call forth to give your character a change in hairstyle.

To unlock this feature, you’ll first need to complete the level 15 side quest “Beauty is Only Scalp Deep” from S’dhodjbi in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.1, Y:11.0).

Once you’re done with the quest, you can call on the Aesthetician by checking into an Inn Room and using the Crystal Bell. The Aesthetician will charge you either 2,000 gil or 1 Jandelaine’s Token for his services.

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