How To Unlock The Striking Tree (Extreme) in FFXIV

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Ramuh is a primal that’s usually brought forth by the sylphs. Your first battle with Ramuh is during the level 50 trial “The Striking Tree (Hard)”, which occurs after the events of A Realm Reborn.

“The Striking Tree (Extreme)” is a more difficult version of your fight with Ramuh. This is available later on through a quest called “Judgment Bolts and Lightning”.

This quest is obtained from Scarlet in New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4). It becomes available after completing the level 50 Main Scenario Quest “Brave New Companions”.


Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Lieutenant Scarlet in Gridania / Final Fantasy XIV
Lieutenant Scarlet in Gridania
  1. Complete the level 50 Main Scenario Quest “Brave New Companions”
  2. Start the quest “Judgment Bolts and Lightning” from Scarlet in New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
  3. Travel to Little Solace in the East Shroud
  4. Speak with Dellexia
  5. Re-attune to the aetheryte in the Sylphlands

Detailed Unlock Guide Walkthrough

Order of the Twin Adder HQ / Final Fantasy XIV
Order of the Twin Adder HQ

Once you’ve completed the Main Scenario Quest “Brave New Companions”, look for Scarlet in New Gridania. She can be found just outside the Twin Adder headquarters at (X:9.9, Y:11.4).

The lieutenant will inform you that there is word of Ramuh being summoned once again.

She will then send you to Little Solace to speak with Frixio, the sylph elder.

The quickest way to Little Solace would be to teleport to the Hawthorne Hut aetheryte and travel East. When you get there, speak with Frixio’s attendant Dellexia, who can be found at (X:21.3, Y:26.8).

Dellexia in Little Solace / Final Fantasy XIV
Dellexia in Little Solace

Frixio explains that Ramuh does in fact walk the Twelveswood once more thanks to another faction of sylphs.

And though he might not be as aggressive as the other primals, his mere presence poses a threat to the area’s aether.

Sylphlands Aetheryte / Final Fantasy XIV
Sylphlands Aetheryte

The next step in the quest is to re-attune to the aetheryte in the Sylphlands, East Shroud (X:25.4, Y:17.0).

After this is done, you will be able to confront the Lord of Levin once more in The Striking Tree (Extreme).


Loot From The Striking Tree (Extreme)

The Striking Tree Coffer / Final Fantasy XIV
The Striking Tree Coffer

Upon defeating Ramuh in the extreme version of his trial, a coffer will spawn that contains items which the party can cast lots on.

Item Type Description
Thunderstrike Sword Item Level 100 Paladin weapon
Thunderstorm Greataxe Item Level 100 Warrior weapon
Thunderclap Greatsword Item Level 100 Dark Knight weapon
Thunderbolt Polearm Item Level 100 Dragoon weapon
Thundercrack Fist Item Level 100 Monk weapon
Thunderstroke Katana Item Level 100 Samurai weapon
Thundersparks Daggers Item Level 100 Ninja weapon
Thunderdart Bow Item Level 100 Bard weapon
Thundershower Firearm Item Level 100 Machinist weapon
Adjudiactor’s Staff Staff Item Level 100 Black Mage weapon
Ona Ramuhda Book Item Level 100 Summoner weapon
Thunderstone Rapier Item Level 100 Red Mage weapon
Adjudicator’s Gavel Cane Item Level 100 White Mage
The Law of Levin Book Item Level 100 Scholar weapon
Thunderdome Star Globe Item Level 100 Astrologian weapon
Thunderhead Shield Item Level 100 Paladin off-hand weapon
Judgment Ring (of
Ring Item Level 110 accessory
Levin Orb Stone Crafting material
Large Levin Orb Stone Crafting material
Levin Weapon Coffer Other Use to obtain a levin weapon
Markab Whistle Other Use to obtain the Markab mount
Faded Copy of Thunder Rolls Orchestrion Roll Crafting material

High and Mighty Weapons

Dragoon Wielding Mighty Thunderbolt / Final Fantasy XIV
Dragoon Wielding Mighty Thunderbolt

These are upgraded versions of the weapons obtained from this trial such as the Mighty Thunderbolt and High Adjudicator’s staff.

These weapons are crafted and the materials can be gathered by desynthesizing the arms looted from the Striking Tree (Extreme).

The upgraded weapons are item level 110 and still quite popular on the market boards since they are used as glams.


Other Item Drops

Ramuh Card / Final Fantasy XIV
Ramuh Card

The only item that can drop directly into your inventory after defeating the Striking Tree (Extreme) is the Ramuh Card.

It’s a 4-star Triple Triad card that is added to your collection when used.

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