FFXIV: How To Unlock Thok ast Thok (Extreme)

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During the Heavensward expansion, you face the primal Ravana during the trial “Thok Ast Thok” as part of the Main Scenario. Later on in the game, you can unlock the Extreme version of the fight by completing a couple of optional side quests (listed below).

Extreme trials are more difficult with new and modified mechanics. Defeating these trials will offer you the chance of obtaining loot that isn’t available anywhere else.

Note: this trial is also known as “Ravana Extreme” among players.


Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Unukalhai NPC / FFXIV
Unukalhai NPC
  1. Complete the Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward”
  2. Head to The Pillars and look for Torsefers (X:11.7, Y:11.5)
  3. Accept and the quest “Gods of Eld”
  4. Enter the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona
  5. Speak with Unukalhai to complete “Gods of Eld”
  6. Speak with Unukalhai once again and choose the quest “Thok Around the Clock”
  7. Travel to the Dravanian Forelands and speak with the Vath Storyteller at (X:24.9, Y:19.7)
  8. Head to Gynehive and attune to the aetheryte there

Detailed Walkthrough

Gnath Settlement in Dravania / FFXIV
Gnath Settlement in Dravania

Unlocking Extreme versions of the primal fights in Heavensward is part of the “Warring Triad” series of quests. This quest line starts with Torsefers in The Pillars, just outside of Fortemps Manor (X:11.7, Y:11.5).

Speak with Torsefers and select the quest “Gods of Eld”. This quest becomes available after completing the level 60 Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward”.

Note: Torsefers offers more than one side quest. You might not be able to see the blue quest marker for “Gods of Eld” on your map if the other quests are still available.

After speaking with Torsefers, you’ll be directed to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona. There, you’re introduced to a boy named Unukalhai.

Unukalhai will tell you of the Warring Triad and how it can be affected by the reemergence of certain primals. After “Gods of Eld” has been completed, you will have to choose what step to take next in the Warring Triad storyline.

Note: If you leave the Rising Stones at this point to continue Unukalhai’s quests later on, you will not see his quest markers in Mor Dhona. You will need to re-enter the Rising Stones to see the marker on your map.

Speak with Unukalhai once more and select the quest “Thok Around the Clock”. Once you’re done with Unukalhai, journey to the Dravanian Forelands and look for the Vath Storyteller at (X:24.9, Y:19.7).

Gnath Aetheryte in Gynehive / FFXIV
Gnath Aetheryte in Gynehive

The Vath Storyteller will tell you to head over to Gynehive, an area found in the southeast corner of the map, deep inside Gnath territory.

When you get there, attune to the Gnathic Aetheryte and Thok ast Thok (Extreme) will become available in the Duty Finder.


Looting the Lord of the Hive

Dead Hive Claymore / FFXIV
Dead Hive Claymore

Defeating the Extreme version of Ravana gives you the opportunity to obtain items you normally can’t get anywhere else.

Some items will appear directly into your inventory upon defeating the primal.


Hive Totem

Hive Totem / FFXIV

A form of currency that can be traded with Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9, Y:5.2) for Hive weapons or the Rose Lanner Whistle.

You’ll need 10 Totems for a weapon and 99 for the mount.

This is a guaranteed drop for each player.


Ravana’s Forewing

Ravana's Forewing / FFXIV

A crafting item that can be used in two different recipes.

It can be used by level 60 armorers to craft the Hive Barding, or by level 60 carpenters to make a Hive ceiling fan.


Ravana Card

Ravana Card / FFXIV

Another card for the Triple Triad fans out there.

It’s a 4-star card with values of 1, 9, 7, and 8, starting from the left and going clockwise.


Treasure Coffer Rewards

Treasure Coffer / FFXIV

Here are the items that may appear in the treasure coffer.

The party will have to cast lots for these items to see who gets what.

Item Description
Hive Shamshir Paladin weapon
Hive Battleaxe Warrior weapon
Hive Claymore Dark Knight weapon
Hive Spear Dragoon weapon
Hive Claws Monk weapon
Hive Katana Samurai weapon
Hive Kris Ninja weapon
Hive Bow Bard weapon
Hive Musketoon Machinist weapon
Hive Grimoire Summoner weapon
Hive Longpole Black Mage weapon
Hive Rapier Red Mage weapon
Hive Cane White Mage weapon
Hive Codex Scholar weapon
Hive Planisphere Astrologian weapon
Hive Scutum Paladin shield
Hive Forewing Crafting material
Hive Weapon Coffer Used to obtain Hive weapon of current job
Rose Lanner Whistle Used to obtain Rose Lanner mount
Faded Copy of The Hand That Gives the Rose Orchestrion roll
Faded Copy of Unbending Steel Orchestrion roll

The Hive Forewing is used to craft “Dead Hive” weapons. These are higher quality versions of the Hive weapons you can obtain from the treasure coffer that spawn after defeating Ravana.

Dead Hive weapons are also quite popular as glamour items.

And desynthesizing the Hive weapons has a chance at producing more Hive Forewings.

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