What Does “Unsundered” Mean in FFXIV?

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The story of Final Fantasy XIV takes place on a world that has been shattered into what is now called “the Source” and its thirteen reflections. This event is referred to as the Sundering, and it split the world into different reflections, plus it split the souls of its inhabitants as well.

Each reflection acts as a sort of alternate reality to the Source.

There are a few beings that survived the Sundering with their souls intact, and they are aptly known as the Unsundered. The Unsundered play an integral part in the FFXIV’s Main Scenario from A Realm Reborn all the way up to Endwalker.

WARNING: Major spoilers for the Main Scenario Quest plotline below.


What Caused the Sundering?

Amaurot During the Final Days / FFXIV
Amaurot During the Final Days

During the Shadowbringers expansion, we learn that a great calamity fell upon the world when it was still whole.

This calamity came to be known as the Final Days, as it threatened the world’s very existence.

To protect themselves from the Final Days, the Ancients called forth a powerful being known as Zodiark.

Though the summoning of Zodiark was a success, it came at a great cost as half of the world’s population needed to be sacrificed.

When the Ancients looked to restore what they had lost during the Final Days, they thought to summon Zodiark once more.

Of course, this meant that another great sacrifice was needed.

A powerful Ancient named Venat saw Zodiark as just a temporary solution, only delaying the Final Days.

When the plan to sacrifice even more of their loved ones was devised, Venat used her power to sunder the world to stop the second summoning of Zodiark and buy more time to find a way to end the Final Days for good.

One member of the Convocation was spared from the Sundering by Venat, as she saw him being a key player in stopping the Final Days. Two more members were left unsundered simply because they happened to be near the person Venat intended to spare.


Who Are the Unsundered?

Elidibus Meeting With Other Ascians / Final Fantasy XIV
Elidibus Meeting With Other Ascians

There are 3 Unsundered beings you encounter in the game, and they all serve as antagonists at some point in your journey. They were once part of the governing body of the world before it was sundered known as the Convocation of Fourteen.

During the events of the game, these three have become the leaders of a group known as the Ascians.

You will come to know these Unsundered beings as:

  • Lahabrea
  • Elidibus
  • Emet-Selch

Though this is how they are addressed throughout most of the game, these are only titles taken by those who join the Convocation. Their real names are revealed much later in the game.

Let’s look into some details for each of the Unsundered.



Lahabrea in a Cutscene / FFXIV
Lahabrea in a Cutscene

Once a very accomplished scholar during ancient times, Lahabrea acts as the main antagonist of A Realm Reborn. He is the mastermind behind many of the events that take place during this chapter of the story, and even takes over the body of your fellow Scion, Thancred Waters.

Though you are able to defeat Lahabrea, he survives and continues to be a major player in the story during Heavensward. The last we see of Lahabrea is at the end of Heavensward where he is struck down by King Thordan.

It is believed that his essence is still trapped within Ascalon and abandoned on Azys Lla.

More of Lahabrea’s past is explored in the Pandaemonium storyline. This is the line of quests which unlocks the Normal Raids for Endwalker.



Elidibus During A Realm Reborn / Final Fantasy XIV
Elidibus During A Realm Reborn

Before the world was sundered, Elidibus served as the Convocation’s emissary.

He was the youngest member of the Convocation of Fourteen when the Final Days occurred.

During the events of FFXIV’s Main Scenario, Elidibus worked with Lahabrea to try to resurrect Zodiark. He would take charge of their plans whenever Lahabrea was defeated.

During the events of Stormblood, Elidibus would take over the body of Prince Zenos in an effort to escalate the war between Garlemald and the Eorzean Alliance.

Elidibus is finally defeated by the Warrior of Light and the Crystal Exarch in the post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario. Elidibus is last seen still confined to the Crystal Tower when the Warrior of Light returns to the First during Endwalker.



Emet-Selch in the Crystarium / FFXIV
Emet-Selch in the Crystarium

As another member of the Convocation of Fourteen, Emet-Selch was the keeper of the aetherial realm otherwise known as the Underworld.

At some point after surviving the Sundering, he would take up the name Solus zos Galvus and establish the Garlean Empire.

Emet-Selch serves as the main antagonist for the Shadowbringers expansion. It’s during this expansion that Emet-Selch reveals the true nature of the Ascians and their goal of restoring the world to the way it was before the Sundering.

It was also Emet-Selch who Venat chose to spare from being sundered.

Much of Emet-Selch’s story is explored during Shadowbringers and Endwalker. He is last seen in Ultima Thule, assisting the Warrior of Light in stopping the Final Days.

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