How To Get the Victory Emote in FFXIV

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The Victory emote is unlocked by completing the Level 60 Main Scenario Quest “A Spectacle for the Ages”. It is part of the post-Heavensward series of quests called “The Gears of Change”, which is also referred to as Patch 3.2.

“A Spectacle for the Ages” involves a Solo Duty where you battle some familiar NPCs. This is part of the Grand Melee that Ishgard is hosting.

This event is a friendly competition that will pit fighters from Ishgard against the combined forces of Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. During this battle, you will be fighting alongside the Ishgardians.


Grand Melee Key Takeaways

Raubahn Facing the Warrior of Light / FFXIV
Raubahn Facing the Warrior of Light

Since the Grand Melee is a sort of competition between two sides, the Solo Duty isn’t as straightforward as other ones normally are.

Here are some key points to guide you while you engage the warriors of the Eorzean Alliance:

  • Defeating enemies will result in earning “Tactical Points”
  • Earning 100 Tactical Points will complete the duty
  • Regular enemies are worth 1 Tactical Point when defeated
  • NPCs that have a purple tether to a company’s flag are considered marked with “Fury’s Gaze” and are worth 10 Tactical Points
  • After earning about 40 to 50 points, Lucia the Radiant will be marked with Fury’s Gaze
  • Since Lucia is your ally and no enemies will be marked at this time, it is best to defend and heal her
  • At about 90 points, a cutscene will play and you will engage Raubahn in a one-on-one battle
  • Raubahn can knock you into the outer field that has a DoT effect, run back into the battlefield as soon as you can
  • Raubahn also has several AoE attacks
  • At about 40% health, Raubahn will jump to the center of the field and start casting a move called Immortal Flame
  • Immortal Flame will take a while to finish casting and spawn 4 Tizonas
  • Destroy as many Tizonas as you can before Immortal Flame is done casting to lessen its damage
  • Defeating Raubah will reward you 100 Tactical Points and end the Duty

Using the Victory Emote

Sage Victory Pose / FFXIV
Sage Victory Pose

Just like with every other emote in the game, all you need to do is type in a command to perform your victory pose.

In this case you can type in either /victorypose or /vpose.

The Victory Pose emote is quite special though, since your actual pose will change depending on what class you’re currently on.

For example, a Bard’s victory pose has them doing a little dance, while a Samruai will clean their blade on their sleeve before performing a bow.

The text “You celebrate in victory” will also be displayed in chat when performing your victory pose.

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