FFXIV Vistas: What They Are & What To Do with Them

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Vistas are locations you need to find in Final Fantasy XIV to progress your Sightseeing Log. You can unlock this feature by completing the level 20 side quest “A Sight to Behold” from Naoh Gamduhla in New Gridania (X:11.0, Y:13.0).

Additionally, each expansion will have its own quest to unlock Sightseeing Logs for the new zones they bring with them. There are about 300 vistas in the game as of the Endwalker expansion.

The phrase “You have arrived at a vista!” will appear in chat when you are standing at the correct location of a vista. Starting with the Heavensward expansion, vistas have been made easier to spot with the addition of a floating blue orb at their location.


Unlocking Each Sightseeing Log

Eirlalth in the Crystarium / FFXIV
Eirlalth in the Crystarium

Before you can start the quest “A Sight to Behold”, you must first complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph-management”.

After that’s taken care of and you’ve unlocked your Sightseeing Log, only the first 20 vistas will appear.

You’ll need to complete these 20 vistas first before you can unlock the other 60 for A Realm Reborn. After that, the Sightseeing Logs for each expansion can be unlocked individually by doing their respective quests.

Here’s where you can unlock the Sightseeing Logs for Heavensward through Endwalker:

Expansion Quest Starter NPC Location
Heavensward Sights of the North Kester Ironheart Dravanian forelands (X:31.1, Y:22.2)
Stormblood Sights of Crimson and Dawn Ulger Ironheart Rhalgr’s Reach (X:10.6, Y:13.1)
Shadowbringers Sights of the First Eirlalth The Crystarium (X:9.5, Y:9.7)
Endwalker Sights of the End Babeth Ironheart Old Sharlayan (X:13.4, Y:16.9)

How To Progress Your Sightseeing Log

A Vista Orb in Kugane / FFXIV
A Vista Orb in Kugane

Recording a vista on your Sightseeing Log isn’t as simple as locating one.

In fact, some vistas require some problem solving to get to, even though their orbs are in plain sight.

There are even some vistas, namely the ones from A Realm Reborn, that require you to be at the right location during a specific time of day (Eorzean time) or under certain weather conditions before you can access them.

Once you are in the right spot for a vista, you’ll need to perform a specific emote for it to be recorded in your Sightseeing Log.

Most of the time, that emote is /lookout

But there are a few that require you to do something like /prayer or /salute

You can check on your Sightseeing Log progress in the Logs section of your menu. This is also where you can find hints for locating vistas and what emote to use when you get to them.


Sightseeing Log Rewards

Jonathas in Old Gridania / FFXIV
Jonathas in Old Gridania

Completing your Sightseeing Logs will reward you with Achievement Points, titles, and the Fledgling Apkallu minion.

Here’s a look at what you can get from reaching certain milestones on your Sightseeing Log:

Achievement Points Description Reward
Out of sight 5 Register entries 1-20 in the Sightseeing Log
Out of Sight Out of mind 10 Register entries 1-80 in the Sightseeing Log Fledgling Apkallu
Out of Sight Out of Bounds I 10 Register entries 1-42 in the Heavensward Sightseeing Log
Out of sight Out of Bounds II 10 Register entries 43-62 in the Heavensward Sightseeing Log Veteran Explorer (Title)
Oh, the Sights We’ll See I 10 Register entries 1-45 in the Stormblood Sightseeing Log
Oh, the Sights We’ll See II 10 Register entries 46-62 in the Heavensward Sightseeing Log Crimson Explorer (Title)
Darksighters I 10 Register entries 1-45 in the Shadowbringers Sightseeing Log
End in Sight 10 Register entries 1-46 in the Endwalker Sightseeing Log

Achievement Points can be traded in for Achievement Certificates through an NPC named Jonathas in Old Gridania (X:10.6, Y:6.2).

These certificates can then be used to purchase several different items like minions, mounts, and Chocobo bardings from the same NPC.

Starting with the Heavensward Sightseeing Log, vistas will also reward you with a small amount of experience points when you find them.

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