FFXIV: How Does The “Well Fed” Bonus Work?

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The “Well Fed” status is applied to a character after consuming a meal item. These items can range from simple hard-boiled eggs and juices, to more exquisite meals like the Archon Burger.

Although this status is applied after using any meal item, the effects will change depending on the specific food that was eaten.

The only constant effect that “Well Fed” gives you is a 3% increase in experienced points for 30 minutes. This bonus in experience points will be applied to monster kills, crafting, and gathering. Experience points gained as quest rewards will not be affected.


Food Stat Buffs in FFXIV

The Last Stand in Old Sharlayan / FFXIV
The Last Stand in Old Sharlayan

The buffs you get from each meal item will differ – so different food will buff different stats and by different amounts.

Food in FFXIV will provide the specifics for their effects with in-game descriptions. Let’s take a closer look at how these descriptions are displayed to get a better understanding of how these buffs work.

Let’s use the Archon Burger again as an example. When you go to check what stats it raises in its description, you’ll see several lines that read something like “Vitality +8% (Max 74)”.

HQ Archon Burger / FFXIV
HQ Archon Burger

This means that when you consume an Archon Burger, your Vitality will be raised by 8%. However, the maximum amount it can be raised is 74 points.

Even if 8% of your current Vitality is higher than 74, it will not go past that value.

Note: High-quality versions of items will provide a larger percentage buff along with a higher bonus cap.

Using the Archon Burger as an example one more time, its high-quality version will increase your Vitality by 10% instead of 8, and the HQ version caps the buff at 93 points instead of 74.


Alternative Way To Get The “Well Fed” Bonus

Useable Tabletop Furnishings / FFXIV
Useable Tabletop Furnishings

While consuming meal items is the most common and efficient way of gaining the Well Fed bonus, there does exist one alternative:

This other method is through the use of certain tabletop furnishings that are placed inside player housing or apartments.

One such item is the Afternoon Tea Set.

After being placed within your apartment or house, it can be used up to 10 times to gain its bonuses.

Afternoon Tea Set / FFXIV
Afternoon Tea Set

This tabletop item will grant you a 4% bonus to Spell Speed (Max 22), a 4% bonus to Vitality (Max 15) and the usual 3% increase in experience points gained.

Just like with using a consumable, these buffs will last 30 to 60 minutes.

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