FFXIV: What Are Beast Tribe Quests (And Are They Worth It?)

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Beast Tribe Quests are daily quests that players can complete for different types of creatures around Eorzea. They unlock at level 41 in the Main Scenario, and can reward you with unique mounts, minions, and other items.

Once you’ve hit that point, you’ll be able to pick up quests located in the three major city states that’ll lead to the Beast Tribes.

You’ll probably recognize these Tribes when you get to them – you’ve already fought and killed a ton of their buddies throughout the course of the story.

By completing their requests every day, you can increase your reputation with them, which will eventually unlock the option to purchase unique rewards.

You can complete a maximum of twelve quests per day due to lockouts.

So you can either spread your attention between multiple tribes, or focus on just the one.

Whichever approach you decide to take, it’s something you’ll have to stick at for a few weeks.


Beast Tribe Quests In Detail

The quests themselves aren’t especially challenging (in fact, some of them can be really funny).

But you do need to show up and get them done regularly to make decent reputation progress.

These types of quests are usually just referred to as “dailies” in the MMO genre. Some quests will have you fight enemies, collect items, or in the case of the Sylphs, plant carrots.

They’re mostly fetch quests, but they’re usually pretty quick to complete, so you’ll probably get them done before boredom sets in.

I throw on a podcast or TV show while I’m getting dailies done, which helps alleviate some of the repetition.

You won’t be able to pick up any of the quests that lead to the Beast Tribes until you’ve completed the quest “In Pursuit Of The Past” in the MSQ. It’s based on story progression, and not your character’s level.

Depending on how you’ve been playing, you may be a few levels over 41 by the time you get to them!

There are different Beast Tribes in every expansion, all with unique rewards.

Goobbue mount in Final Fantasy XIV
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Are Beast Tribe Quests Worth It?

It depends what you’re looking for, really.

They can provide you with mounts and minions that won’t be found anywhere else, along with exclusive gear dyes and house furnishings.

I’d recommend taking a look at what they have to offer via the game’s wiki rather than completing them blind, since they represent a small but significant time investment.

As previously mentioned, Beast Tribe Quests don’t pay out instantly.

You’ll have to stick at them over the course of a good few weeks to reach the maximum reputation level. But you’re not obligated to do them once you’ve gotten the reward you want.

As mentioned above, you can split your attention between multiple tribes, or just focus on one to get it done faster.

Just as a note, Beast Tribe Quests are not essential to the storyline or your character’s progression in any way.

You can skip them entirely if you want to.

But these are the only way to ride one of the world’s oddly adorable Goobbue creatures, so make of that what you will.

These quests also provide snippets of background information about Eorzea’s dominant creature races, allowing curious players to get to know the beings they’ve been killing indiscriminately.

Given how many of XIV’s rewards come down to luck, it’s actually kinda rewarding to work at something that has a guaranteed, specific payoff.

You can do the Beast Tribe Quests at your own pace, rushing them down, or just chipping away a little bit at a time.

Just check out the rewards first and make your own decisions on which Beast Tribe to get cozy with!

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