FFXIV: What Are Minions (And Do They Do Anything?)

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Minions are cosmetic pets in Final Fantasy XIV that can be collected or bought. They have no practical gameplay uses. But there’s a veritable horde of minions available to collect, and they come in a huge range of different types.

From cute little animals to miniature versions of legendary heroes, there’s a minion for everything.

You’ll acquire a few just by completing Main Scenario Quests, but there are many more to be found if you know where to look.

That said, minions don’t have any impact on your gameplay as a whole.

You can use your minions to play the Gold Saucer game “Lord of Verminion”, and different minions will have individual statistics and abilities. And this can eventually give you the option to join tournaments to win generous amounts of the MGP currency, used to purchase rewards from the Gold Saucer.


How Do I Get More Minions?

Minions can be acquired from quest rewards.

Completing the Main Scenario Quests will usually reward you with a few here and there, especially if you’re completing the patch content between expansions.

They can also be dropped as rewards for killing certain bosses, or acquired from dungeon chests in some cases.

You’ve probably seen a ton of players rocking the 2B Automaton – this miniature version of everyone’s favorite moody android is a reward from the level 80 The Puppets’ Bunker raid.

As for me, I’m still rocking the Puff of Darkness I got from my first run-through of The Crystal Tower.

There’s something eternally adorable about having a terrible force of darkness sitting on my shoulder.

Wind-up Ultros Purple Minion on a player's head / FFXIV
Image source by u/PastelPinkSalmon / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Another favorite is the Wind-up Gentleman, a reward for completing the level 50 Hildibrand questline “Her Last Vow”.

Minions can also be crafted by Weavers at varying levels.

If you’re not into Weaving yourself, you’ll definitely be able to find them on the Market Board.

Market Boards are also a pretty solid source of minions to add to your collection.

Many of the minions dropped in dungeons or given as rewards for completing Palace of the Dead/Heaven-on-High can be sold, but obviously the price will vary quite dramatically based on supply or demand.

This also makes minions a decent cash opportunity for players who don’t care about gathering a collection.

For a comprehensive list of minions and their sources, I’d recommend checking out this link.

Tiny Echevore Pangolin-style minion on head in FFXIV
Image source by u/Dainichi22 / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

What is Lord of Verminion?

Lord of Verminion is a mini-game playable at the Manderville Gold Saucer.

You’ll need to head to Minion Square – take the elevator in the Entrance Hall to the Chocobo Square, and go from there.

And you’ll need a minimum of three minions to get started.

Interacting with a Lord of Verminion table will allow you to register for battles, and the activities will be added to your duty finder so you can queue for them even outside of the Gold Saucer.

Lord of Verminion offers a range of game modes, both single and multiplayer.

It’s strategy based, and different minions will come with varying abilities and stats.

The basic goal is to have your minions destroy all of your opponent’s Arcana Stones before they get yours.

You can learn how to play Lord of Verminion by tackling the Verminion Challenges.

These offer up a variety of battle types designed to introduce you to the game’s rules and controls.

Playing through the Verminion Challenges is pretty much essential, as it unlocks the other game modes. You’ll need to get a grip on the basics before challenging other players.

Tournaments are held from time to time, offering competitors the chance to earn huge amounts of Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP).

You can sign up for these once you’ve completed the second Verminion Challenge, and you’ll have to speak to the Tournament Recordkeeper in Minion Square to sign up.

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