FFXIV: What Happened To Anogg & Konogg?

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Anogg and Konogg are sibling dwarves & vital NPCs in FFXIV’s YoRHa:Dark Apocalypse raid storyline.

They play a huge part in the Nier crossover, and we’ll cover their tragic story below.

Warning: significant spoilers for Shadowbringers’ Dark Apocalypse Alliance Raid follow!



We first encounter these curious twin dwarves outside the entrance to the Machine Graveyard – essentially the gateway to the Copied Factory raid.

We meet them, and they waste no time in blowing up the entrance and whisking the player deeper into its mysteries.

From here we meet 2P, an android in the same vein as Nier Automata’s beloved 2B, and the adventure continues. Anogg is a bit more impulsive than her brother, and rushes headlong into danger to further satisfy her curiosities.

Anogg and Konogg standing with 2P in FFXIV / FFXIV
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Dark Apocalypse Recap

I don’t want to spend too much of our time breaking down the events of the Dark Apocalypse storyline bit by bit, as not all of it is relevant to Anogg and Konogg.

They are, however, instrumental characters in the storyline – and they add some much needed human (dwarven?) emotion to a storyline that focuses very heavily on androids.

To cover it in brief, though:

There’s a bunch of morally ambiguous robots, fantastic music, betrayals and the odd emotional gut punch one comes to expect from Nier.

There’s some appearances from 2B, who saves the day every now and then. Komra is attacked by the machines, and some of the townsfolk are struck by tremendous tragedy.

Anogg ultimately runs away, abandoning Komra and her brother under the weight of her guilt.

When next we meet Konogg, he’s being harassed by the townsfolk again, and every attempt to make amends with them fails completely.

Konogg runs away too, fleeing to the ship we find within the Puppets’ Bunker.

Here we find Konogg communing with a mysterious white orb that fans of the relatively obscure Drakengard games may recognize.

Drakengard is actually the series that Nier spun off from, if you can believe it.

Looking at them side by side, it’s hard to see.

One is dark European style fantasy, and Nier is a future so distant it’s unrecognizable.

But believe it or not, these series are linked – and thanks to that big white orb, so is Final Fantasy XIV.


So What Happened to Anogg In The End?

That white orb we find Konogg with is known in Drakengard as a Seed of Resurrection/Destruction.

They’re items of legend, said to appear when the world is on the brink of ruin.

As it turns out, these seeds of hope are actually the complete opposite. They turn anything that enters into a creature determined to exterminate the human race.

Konogg with the large white orb / FFXIV
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Now, that doesn’t exactly translate to what our character witnesses next.

Thanks to an Echo flashback, we learn that Anogg actually died a while ago saving Konogg from a cave-in.

He would then go on to find a copy of Anogg next to the orb, as though nothing had ever happened.

So is the white orb Konogg speaks with a Seed of Destruction?

I guess that’s up to interpretation, as is quite a lot of the overarching Nier lore.

Nier is brilliant but confusing; at times more avant-garde artwork than game. It makes sense that a storyline based on it anywhere in FFXIV would be a little bit crazy.


How Do I Start The YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Raid?

These raids are endgame content for Shadowbringers, so you’ll need to have completed the main story and reached level 80 in order to proceed.

To kick this alliance raid series off, you need to visit Tomra in Kholusia.

Here you’ll find a quest called “Word About Komra”.

Follow this quest chain along and eventually you’ll be able to accept the followup quest entitled “A Scandal In Komra”.

Konogg Screenshot as Lalafell / FFXIV
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This will lead you straight to the Copied Factory, the first Alliance Raid… well, there might be a few quests along the way. But they’re straightforward, so you should be hanging out with Anogg & Konogg in no time at all.

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