What is Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV?

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The glamour system in Final Fantasy XIV allows players to change the appearance of their gear to almost whatever they want. The possibilities are… almost endless, because obviously there’s a few caveats.

For starters, you’ll need some Glamour Prisms! Don’t worry, they’re super easy to get.

Glamour Prisms are just items you keep in your inventory. And you’d use them up as you change your gears’ appearance. Glamour prisms can be made by a crafting class, or just simply bought off the market board directly. They’re usually pretty cheap too!

You should also keep in mind that all these cool appearances you want to make are job-specific.

So that means, for example, as a Dragoon you’d only be able to Glamour other dragoon gear.

But there’s also a subset of jobless gear that you can glamour onto any class. That’s usually the nice-looking outfits since Square-Enix wants people able to wear them regardless of their job.

In general though, the glamour system will allow you to flex your creativity and adorn your character with a ton of different outfits! You can look cute, cool, sexy, and anything in-between.

Let’s go over the basics, yeah?


How Do You Unlock Glamouring?

Unlocking the glamour system isn’t very hard, thankfully. Square-Enix didn’t want the ability to change your appearance locked behind something silly, so it’s just a basic sidequest.

There aren’t that many prerequisites either!

The only real requirement is that you’ll have to hit level 15.

Fun fact, though: it wasn’t always this way.

Back in the day, glamouring items was more of an endgame activity. You needed a freaking ton of catalyst items to properly glamour.

These days, however, it’s been made more accessible. It’s more of a core feature now. Which is great since more players can take advantage of it.

If you’re level 15 already and want to unlock the glamour system, then make your way to Western Thanalan and find an NPC named Swyrgeim. Just in case you can’t find her, here are some coordinates: X 12.7, Y 14.3.

Once you find them, accept and complete the quest “If I Had A Glamour”.

Think of this quest as an introduction to the glamour system. It’ll show you all the ins and outs, and even provide you with some starting glamour prisms!

It’s not necessary, but you can also grab a quest here named “Color Your World”, which will allow you to dye items and change their colors, as well as another quest “Absolutely Glamorous” which allows you to make Glamour Prisms for yourself.

You’ll need a disciple of the Hand or Land leveled up to 15 at least, though.

And Glamour Prisms work for all gear now, you don’t need to get different kinds.

FFXIV Vierra Glamour as Jessica Rabbit
Image source by u/Mage_FFxiv

So How Does Glamouring Work?

There are a few caveats with the system.

You’ll need one Glamour Prism for each item you intend to Glamour.

And the item you intend to change has to be of equal (or higher) level than the item you want your gear to look like.

This means you can’t take a level 1 piece of gear and make it look like a level 80 piece of gear.

This isn’t a big deal, and you shouldn’t ever encounter a situation where this hinders you. You’ll almost always want to equip your most powerful gear, then glamour it to something a little cooler or cuter.

Square-Enix knew what they were doing, as most of the gear players will want to use for glamouring is usually at level 1.

I should probably also mention that glamouring is job specific.

A lot of that level 1 gear I mentioned is irrelevant, since it can be equipped by any job. That’s good news for sure.

But if the piece of gear you like is a White Mage robe, for example, you’re out of luck. You can Glamour a piece of White Mage gear over another piece of White Mage Gear.

But you can’t Glamour a piece of Ninja gear on top of a White Mage piece.

FFXIV Vierra Knight Battle Glamour Pose
Image source by u/pasinhaha

Changing Already-Glammed Gear

When you try to glamour a piece of gear, make sure it isn’t already glamoured to look like something else!

This is important, because if you try while the item is already glamoured, it won’t work.

You’ll have to remove the Glamour first. Which is actually easy peasy:

From the same menu where you cast your Glamour, you can also Dispel Glamour. This will revert the item to looking like its old self.

Finally, if you want to dye a glamoured piece of gear, it’s kind of a process.

Basically, when you cast your Glamour, the item will change to the appearance of the item you want it to look like.

If you dye that item after, it doesn’t affect the Glamour.

You’ll need to dispel the Glamour, dye the gear, and then Glamour it back on. Not a huge deal, but it’s good to know!


Wow! So I Can Have Infinite Outfits?

Well now slow down there Warrior Of Light.

There’s no limit on how many outfits you can Glamour, but you are limited by inventory space.

Final Fantasy XIV isn’t exactly known for having a ton of inventory slots. You can use your retainers, and even purchase more from the Mog Station, but you might still run out.

You’re not completely out of luck, though.

Square-Enix has heard your prayers, and answered them in the form of the Glamour Chest.

The Glamour Chest will let you store 400 pieces of gear, which will definitely be a boon to outfit enthusiasts.

FFXIV Glamour Female style God Eater 2
Image source by u/HuhuWasTaken

What Are Glamour Plates?

You can also apply Glamours to Glamour Plates and reuse them.

This process is a little convoluted, but I’ll break it down to its simplest form:

Basically you can save appearances onto things called Glamour Plates, and this will expend a Glamour Prism. After that, you can set it to a specific outfit or piece of gear from the Glamour Dresser.

It won’t even use a Glamour Prism, since you used one when you set the plate up!

And you can store up to 15 of these plates at a time.

There’s even a way you can make sure that as you level up and change gear, it’ll keep your Glamoured appearance the same, even as your gear changes.

This is super nifty for those who hate having mismatched outfits.

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