FFXIV: What is Wondrous Tails & Is It Worth It?

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Wondrous Tails is a weekly activity of specific duties that players can undertake. It offers an array of rewards, such as treasure maps, gil, experience, and Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP).

I actually ignored the Wondrous Tails feature for about two years. It just looked like another bit of fluff I didn’t really need to worry about on my way to endgame content.

Honestly, I think that was a bit of a mistake on my part.

No matter what your goal is in XIV, Wondrous Tails can be a wonderful compliment to your usual weekly activities.

The idea is simple:

Visit an NPC in Idyllshire, and she’ll give you a journal to fill up.

By going out into the world and completing specific activities (usually dungeons and trials) you’ll get a random stamp in the journal.

Fill up a line with stamps, and you’ll get a reward.

Manage to fill up multiple lines and you’ll get even bigger rewards!


How Do I Start Completing Wondrous Tails?

You’ll need to find an NPC named Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire.

Just getting to Idyllshire will require you to have reached level 60 and cleared a significant chunk of the Heavensward post main scenario content – so you might not be able to start this if you’re totally new.

Khloe isn’t too far from the Aetheryte, and once you’ve unlocked Wondrous Tails, you’ll be able to see her marked clearly on the map.

Basically, she wants to tell her friend some stories, and she wants you to be the inspiration.

So every week you’ll be handed a journal which will have a list of duties to complete.

Map For Wondrous Trails Location / FFXIV Screenshot
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Completing a duty will give you a stamp, and three stamps in a row will give you access to the first tier of prizes.

You can collect a maximum of nine stamps a week, which can potentially add up to three completed rows.

The more lines you complete, the greater the prize you’ll earn when you hand it in – but you don’t get to choose where the stamp goes, so it comes down to luck most of the time.

It’s worth noting that even completing dungeons and trials as an undersized party will reward you with a Wondrous Tails stamp.

Sometimes it’s faster to run low level content by yourself for an easy clear and quick stamps!

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Wondrous Tails resets on Tuesdays at 1:00AM.

However, you’ll get the entire following week to hand in a completed journal – so don’t worry if you miss the first deadline.

If you hand the journal back to Khloe after the deadline, you can pick the next one up immediately.


What’s The Deal With Shuffles And Retries?

Once you’re carrying a Wondrous Tails journal, you may notice the earning of “Second Chance Points” upon completion of duties.

Second Chance Points give you a little more flexibility when it comes to completing your weekly tasks. They’re earned when you complete a duty with someone who hasn’t ever completed it before.

By spending one Second Chance Point, you can retry a completed duty on the list.

This makes it really easy to get those last few stamps if you’re coming up short and don’t really feel like tackling the harder content.

I think I usually end up killing Shiva about three or four times just for expediency using retries!

If you’ve already collected a few stamps and you don’t like the way they’re lining up, you can spend two Second Chance Points to shuffle what you’ve currently got around.

You can only use shuffles when you’re between three and seven stamps.

So you can’t just fill out the journal and spam shuffles to get the most rewards.

Some people would argue that spending Second Chance Points on retries is a waste, as it doesn’t actually change your chances of getting better rewards – it just makes it easier and faster to fill out the journal. This is really subjective, though.

It’s totally possible to get into the mathematics and ruthlessly plan out your approach every week, or you can just blitz through it and hope for the best.

You’ll never walk away totally empty handed.

Khloe will always give you something for your efforts, and nine times out of ten you’ll complete at least one line in the journal!

Wondrous Trails Journal Rewards / FFXIV Screenshot
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What Does Wondrous Tails Reward Me With?

Rewards will increase in value depending on how many lines of the journal you’ve completed.

If you’re super unlucky and don’t manage to fill out a single line, Khloe will always give you a basic reward just for handing the journal in.

It’s never a waste of time, really.

For collecting nine stamps with no lines completed, Khloe will give you a massive chunk of experience (so be sure not to hand it in on a max level job) and a choice of the following rewards.

  • Timeworn Zonureskin Map
  • 1 Allagan Platinum Piece (Worth 10,000 gil)
  • 500 Tomestones of Poetics
  • 100 Tomestones of Phantasmagoria (Completed at level 80)

For completing one line, Khloe will offer a choice of the following:

  • Wind-up Estinien, Wind-up Khloe, Dress-up Thancred (minions)
  • MGP Gold Card (Worth 30,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Points)
  • 50 Tomestones of Allegory
  • Khloe’s Bronze Certificate of Commendation

For completing two lines, Khloe will offer these:

  • Wind-up Zhloe (minion), Stuffed Khloe (furniture)
  • 2 MGP Platinum Cards (Worth 100,000 Gold Saucer Points in total)
  • 500 Tomestones of Phantasmagoria
  • Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation

And finally, if you’re lucky enough to get all three lines filled out:

  • 3x Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation
  • Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation
  • 20x MGP Platinum Cards (Worth one million Gold Saucer points)

Are The Wondrous Tails Rewards Worth It?

Personally, I’d say yes.

If you’re trying to farm MGP to unlock some of those sweet exclusive rewards, completing Wondrous Tails every week can give you a huge boost.

The Certificates of Commendation can also be exchanged for various levels of materia, which may be really useful to certain players too.

As we covered above, it can be surprisingly easy to collect nine stamps. Some weeks may be slightly tougher than others, but most of the time you’ll be able to breeze through on easy activities if you don’t want to work too hard.

Because the Wondrous Tails system is primarily luck-based, you can totally just fill it out by playing the content you want to play.

I think there’s basically a reward for everybody in Wondrous Tails.

You get a really generous amount of time to complete it and hand it in, plus it’s an efficient way to earn experience and those desirable Manderville Gold Saucer Points.

Not to mention the varying levels of Allagan Tomestones you can earn too!

Even if you want to gear for endgame content, Wondrous Tails can help.

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