How To Get the Yol Dance Emote (FFXIV)

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You can unlock the Yol Dance emote by using the item “Ballroom Etiquette – The Yol Dance”. This item can be purchased from an NPC named Gyosho in the Azim Steppe (X:5.8, Y:23.4).

Gyosho is the tribal vendor for the Namazu, so you’ll need to unlock the Namazu Daily Quests and raise your Reputation with the catfish-looking creatures to obtain the Yol Dance emote. Namazu Daily Quests focus on tasks that can be done by Disciples of the Hand or Disciples of the Land.

When you have access to Gyosho and his wares, you can buy “Ballroom Etiquette – The Yol Dance” for 8 Namazu Koban after attaining an Honored reputation level. Once you’ve used the item, you can perform the Yol Dance by entering /yoldance into your chat bar.


Unlocking the Namazu Daily Quests

Dhoro Iloh / FFXIV
Dhoro Iloh

Like other Tribal Quests in the game, the Namazu dailies are unlocked after completing certain quest lines.

Here are the quests you’ll need to tackle before you can start your Namazu dailies:

Quest Level Requirement Quest Starter Location
Courage the Cowardly Lupin 64 Fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana vs. the Rice Sacks 64 Fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana vs. the Arrowheads 64 Fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Kurobana Holmes 64 Fukudo Yanxia (X:30.9, Y:17.8)
Perchance to Hanami 64 Ochimi Yanxia (X:30.3, Y:18.3)
Gyorin the Namazu 64 Gyorin Yanxia (X:15.4, Y:32.2)
No Wealth Like Mineral Wealth 64 Gyorin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
Fresh Flesh 64 Gyorin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
Show Me the New Money 64 Gyorin Yanxia (X:16.8, Y:31.1)
Amber Alert 64 Gyoshu Yanxia (X:15.0, Y:31.6)
Kurobana vs. Gyorin 64 Kurobana Yanxia (X:29.3, Y:17.5)
Something Fishy This Way Comes 60 Floundering Namazu The Azim Steppe (X:17.4, Y:37.5)
One Size Fits All 60 Seigetsu the Enlightened The Azim Steppe (X:6.1, Y:23.3)

After doing “One Size Fits All”, you can begin grinding for your reputation with the Namazu. Since the number of tribal quests you can do is limited per day, getting to the “Honored” status will take a while.

Once you’ve done enough dailies to raise your reputation up one level, a new quest will become available from Gyoshin. The quest to attain the Honored level is called “Out of the Frypan”.


Quick Walkthrough for “Out of the Frypan”

The Azim Steppe at Night / FFXIV
The Azim Steppe at Night

This quest begins with Gyoshin in the Azim Steppe (X:6.1, Y:23.3). After talking to Gyoshin, you will be tasked with speaking to certain NPCs of the Steppe before reporting back to Gyorei.

Here are the locations for each NPC:

NPC Location
Cirina Azim Steppe (X:31.4, Y:11.3)
Magnai Azim Steppe (X:20.6, Y:22.7)
Sadu Azim Steppe (X:12.5, Y:34.1)
Gyorei Azim Steppe (X:6.5, Y:24.2)

Once you’re done reporting to Gyorei, you will be tasked with either crafting a set of components or retrieving a certain object based on what job you are on. Here’s what you’ll be asked to provide based on the class you are using:

Class Item Location
Any Disciple of the Hand Set of ceremonial bow components Materials are found in a Cumbersome Crate within Dhoro Iloh
Miner Mondite Found in an area south of Reunion
Botanist Straight Shoot Found in an area south of Reunion
Fisher Arrowhead snail Caught from a spring in the southwest corner of the Azim Steppe

Regardless of what you are asked to obtain, you will deliver the item to Gyoshin at the Azim Steppe (X:6.6, Y:24.2). Once that’s done, speak to Gyorei and a mini-game will commence.

The goal of the mini-game is to hit the target Gyoshin is holding with a bow and arrow. Gyoshin will randomly pop out of a jar but he won’t always be holding the target so pay attention before you shoot.

If you fail by hitting Gyoshin, you’ll simply restart the mini-game.

Once you’re done demonstrating your aim, speak to Gyoshin at The Azim Steppe (X:5.4, Y:22.3) to complete the quest. You now have an Honored reputation with the Namazu, and Gyosho will have the “Ballroom Etiquette – The Yol Dance” up for sale.

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