FFXIV Zonure Skin Farming Guide (Locations + Uses)

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Zonure skin can be farmed by defeating Flame Zonures in an area of Amh Araeng called Nabaath Areng – The Pristine Palace of Amh Malik (X:27.0, Y:35.0).

Flame zonures are large, lizard-like creatures that are covered in thick scales with tails that have massive spikes at the tip, making it resemble a mace.

The quickest way to the Pristine Palace of Amh Malik is to take the aetheryte to The Inn at Journey’s Head, then mount up and fly to the southernmost portion of the map. However, if you don’t yet have flight unlocked in this zone, you’ll need to take the aetheryte to Twine and traverse the trolley tracks southward.

This part of Amh Araeng is first accessed during the level 77 Main Scenario Quest “Full Steam Ahead”.

Alternatively, you can also purchase zonure skins from gemstone traders for 2 bicolor gemstones each. Retainers are also able to farm zonure skin through certain ventures, but farming them yourself would be the quicker route.

Below is a table with all of your options for zonure skin:

Source Type Location Description
Gramsol NPC Vendor The Crystarium (X:11.1, Y:13.6) Exchanged for 2 bicolor gemstones
Halden NPC Vendor Amh Araeng (X:10.7, Y:17.1) Exchanged for 2 bicolor gemstones
Pedronille NPC Vendor Eulmore (X:10.6, Y:12.2) Exchanged for 2 bicolor gemstones
Flame Zonure Level 77 Monster Amh Araeng (X:27.0, Y:35.0) Random drop
Field Exploration XXIV Level 75 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Field Exploration XXV Level 80 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 77 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete

Purchasing Zonure Skins with Gemstones

Halden / FFXIV

Bicolor gemstones are earned by participating in FATEs that spawn in Shadowbringers and Endwalker zones as part of the Shared FATE system. There are several gemstone trader NPCs with which you can spend your gemstones, but only three sell zonure skins:

  • Halden – Amh Araeng (X:10.7, Y:17.1)
  • Gramsol – The Crystarium (X:11.1, Y:13.6)
  • Pedronille – Eulmore (X:10.6, Y:12.2)

Note that Halden is in Twine, so you’ll meet him later on in the MSQ despite gaining access to Amh Araeng early in the expansion. Additionally, Gramsol and Pedronille require you to have Rank 3 for Shared FATEs in all Shadowbringers zones before they start selling you their wares.


Farming Skins Through Retainers

Disciple of War Retainer / FFXIV
Disciple of War Retainer

When a retainer is set to a Disciple of War or Magic class, there are two types of ventures in which they can bring back zonure skins.

The first type is called Hunting Exploration ventures, and the option for zonure skins becomes available when your NPC assistant hits level 77. These ventures normally take an hour to complete, but the duration can be reduced to 40 minutes by leveling up your retainer further.

Retainers can bring back 5 to 15 pieces of zonure skin depending on the average item level of their equipment. An item level of at least 432 will guarantee 15 zonure skins per run.

The other type of venture is called Field Exploration, and zonure skins can be obtained from Field Exploration XXIV (Retainer Level 75) and Field Exploration XXV (Retainer Level 80). However, these ventures take 18 hours to complete, and the items that are brought back from them are random.

It is not advisable to use field exploration ventures for farming items, because they’re more for leveling up your retainers.

Although if you choose to farm items with your retainer, then I would recommend sending your retainer out on hunting exploration ventures while you go out and farm the skins yourself.


Zonure Skin Uses

Facet Coat of Healing / FFXIV
Facet Coat of Healing

Zonure skins are used by level 76 leatherworkers to craft zonure leather.

Zonure leather is used in a wide variety of recipes, most of which are pieces of equipment.

One notable piece of gear that is crafted with zonure leather is the Facet Coat of Healing (pictured above), which is part of the Facet Armor set. To craft this, you must be a level 80 weaver and use the following items:

  • 2 Lightning Clusters
  • 2 Wind Clusters
  • 3 Ethereal Silk
  • 1 Chalicotherium Leather
  • 1 Zonure Leather
  • 2 Grade 2 Mind Alkahest

You must be at least level 80 to equip any piece of the Facet set. All pieces have an item level of 450.

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