5 Best AOE Archers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Wow, in FGO the Archer class really is made up of Archers…

Who would have guessed?

Well actually, even that statement isn’t entirely true, as many Archers in FGO utilize blades, magic, and… dolphins?

That’s a story for another day – here we’ll be ranking all of the most powerful AOE Archers that are worth a try.


5. Arash

Arash Fate/Grand Order sprite

While most Archers on this list will fall into the four or five-star category, we would like to make one special exception for everyone’s favorite kamikaze machine.

Arash is a low rarity Servant – but he’s still worthy of some investment.

See, Arash is the premier budget farmer for taking down the first wave of enemies.

And he’s useful due to the huge damage output of his NP, with the caveat that he dies in the process of using it.

While this would normally seem like a detriment, in Arash’s case, it’s actually a benefit.

Arash’s death allows for a free switch into your backline, something normally only the valuable Plug Suit Mystic Code allows you to do.

And it’s worth adding that Arash also benefits from a 30% NP charge attached to his skills, meaning a budget CE starting with 75% charge is all you need to get him shouting “STELLA”!


4. Asagami Fujino

Asagami Fujino Fate/Grand Order sprite

For a long time, Fujino was considered to be the rarest Servant in all of FGO.

She only ever had one limited rate-up in the entirety of the game’s history at one point.

Needless to say, her desirability speaks for itself.

Nowadays Fujino is not just some trophy Servant, though. Since her NP can deal heavy AOE damage, and is also one of the most visually stunning NPs as well.


3. Ishtar

Ishtar Fate/Grand Order sprite

Ishtar is a powerful Buster AOE Servant that’s also a fan-favorite character.

When it comes to Fate, Artoria Pendragon will be at the top of most people’s lists of the poster-girl of the entire franchise.

However, following closely behind Artoria is Tohsaka Rin whose body Ishtar uses to become a pseudo-Servant.

Ishtar’s damage output is what you would expect from someone so arrogant.

She can deal heavy-hitting nukes – but make sure you time her skills correctly, as they activate the following turn instead of immediately.

Once mastered, Ishtar can lay waste to almost any enemy waves.


2. Jeanne D’arc Summer

Jeanne D'arc Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jeanne is your premier Arts farming Archer.

While her kit is a little lackluster on its own, when partnered with a team of two Castorias, Jeanne becomes the best looping Archer in the entire game!

While Jeanne does have the potential to loop on classes that refund a lot of NP without the aid of class advantage, Jeanne is at her best when looping on Sabers.

Jeanne’s class advantage against Saber Servants is seriously helpful in allowing her to take down stronger enemies.


1. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh Fate/Grand Order sprite

For as long as Gil has been about, and for all the AOE Archers that have been released after him, Gil still stands at the top of the pack due to his insane damage output.

With almost every Servant in the game having the “weak to Enuma Elish” trait, Gil’s NP mops the floor when dealing with Servant enemies.

As since he’s also one of the poster boys for Fate as a franchise, it’s nice to see his in-game representation get some extra special attention.

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