5 Best AOE Assassins in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Assassins are best suited to taking down one enemy at a time.

As much as Assassin’s Creed would have you believe that even the most trained secretive killer can take on multiple enemies at any one time, that isn’t always true.

Even in FGO, Assassins are better suited against single targets.

But there is a small subset of Assassins that can not only take out multiple enemies at once – and they do so with relative ease!

These are our picks for the top AOE Assassins that stand out from the pack.


5. Scáthach Summer

Scáthach Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

Scathach is a welfare four-star Assassin.

Her skills trade-off damage buffs in favor of a little more utility to your team.

She can draw the attention of all enemies with her taunt, but then also pop and evade and damage cut to reduce incoming damage to almost zero.

Add to this a small heal to top herself up (or an ally) when they inevitably do take damage.

Now you have yourself a great AOE Assassin on your hands.

Her NP is also pretty powerful too. And at overcharge (which you should have due to her being welfare) there’s the chance to instantly kill all opponents.


4. Ushiwakamaru Summer

Ushiwakamaru Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

You can tell that we were really struggling to include AOE Assassin Servants on this list…

Ushi is a limited four-star Servant and one who most excels in the Double Skadi System.

She cannot loop with two Skadis alone and will need help from either another support or a Mystic Code.

However, Ushi is a fan-favorite character.

And we would never judge anyone for trying their hardest to make her work.


3. Gray

Gray Fate/Grand Order sprite

Gray is a welfare four-star Servant. And while you may think this means her damage is lacking, you couldn’t be more… sort of… wrong.

Gray can buff her own attack as well as her Quick and Buster performance with her first two skills.

By then charging her NP by 20% with her third skill, it allows for her Buster nuke of an NP to deal considerable damage to all enemies


2. Semiramis

Semiramis Fate/Grand Order sprite

Semiramis is a great damage-dealing Buster/Arts-focused Assassin that relies on using critical stars to perform some of her more powerful skills.

Her Buster NP seems a little incongruent to her triple Arts deck.

But her buff to damage against Caster Servants (likely the only enemy you’ll want to pit Semiramis against) makes up for this.

All in all, Semiramis deals decent damage for an AOE Assassin – and she deserves a spot on this list.


1. Okita J Souji

Okita J Souji Fate/Grand Order sprite

It goes to show just how little the AOE Assassin archetype has to offer when a four-star rarity Servant tops the list.

That being said, Okita earns her spot as being the best option to three-turn loop thanks to the Double Skadi System.

And with yhat being said, Okita cannot loop without the aid of even more support Servants, in addition to two Skadi’s or a dedicated Mystic code to help increase her NP generation and damage.

But if you can provide all of this for Okita, her damage is outmatched when it comes to AOE Assassins. And she can actually be a great farmer for you.

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