5 Best AOE Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Let’s say you’re looking to really take out a big bunch of baddies standing in your way – well none can dish out more damage than a powerful Berserker class Servant.

With a bonus damage modifier against almost every class in the entire game, few can remain standing after a hit from these mighty warriors.

And if you want more in the way of AOE damage than this ranking is sure to have plenty of good ideas for berserkers capable of dealing with multiple enemies in a single strike.


5. Spartacus

Spartacus Fate/Grand Order sprite

New players may be wondering how on Earth a one-star Servant managed to make this list.

But FGO veterans will understand just how much Spartacus brings to the table when farming weaker enemies.

Spartacus is so powerful because his NP ignores defense buffs applied to all enemies.

Couple this with skills that buff his damage output, and you have yourself a great budget farmer!

Spartacus is similar to Servants like Paul Bunyan and Arash – just because Spartacus is of a low rarity, does not mean he should be overlooked.


4. Minamoto no Raikou

Minamoto no Raikou Fate/Grand Order sprite

Affectionately referred to as “Arjuna Alter-Lite”, Raikou is still capable of dishing out heavy AOE Buster damage on a wave of unsuspecting enemies.

Her skills buff her critical star absorption and buff damage against certain enemy types. But if you plan on using Raikou, you want to be firing off as many NPs as you can!

Raikou needs support to truly shine, and will often lack the necessary damage to take out higher health enemies.

However, when partnered with someone like Merlin, her damage is nothing to scoff at.


3. Lancelot

Lancelot Fate/Grand Order sprite

Lancelot lacks most of the damage that his peers can dish out.

But he makes up for this by being the premier quick farming Berserker in all of FGO.

Due to being a four-star rarity Servant, it’s not too difficult to pick up NP5 Lancelot through selection tickets, or by being spooked in the gacha.

In the double Skadi system, Lancelot can buff his NP gain to loop his NP on multiple waves with little-to-no effort.


2. Arjuna Alter

Arjuna Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

If you’re looking for pure, unfiltered, unmediated damage, no servants do it better than Arjuna Alter.

This is because Arjuna Alter’s skills are all about maximizing his damage.

And when paired up with a support Servant who can bring out his full potential, he can truly shine as an AOE nuker.

Arjuna falls off slightly in that he struggles to farm. But once a certain foxy Buster support Servant arrives on the scene, he can loop his NP relatively well.

Just note that Arjuna Alter is an incredibly rare Servant, having only ever had one dedicated rate up.

If you missed him during this time, we wish you good luck on your GSSR rolls!


1. Miyamoto Musashi Summer

Miyamoto Musashi Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

What Musashi lacks in the raw damage attributed to someone like Arjuna Alter, she makes up for in versatility.

When placed into the Double Castoria System, Musashi is able to three-turn loop her NP and make stressful farming a thing of the past.

Her first skill is very similar to that of her Saber form’s first skill:

She will double the hits on all her Arts strikes, making her able to refuel her NP with ease.

Couple this with the huge buff to her strength that Castoria provides, and Musashi is one of the best farming Servants in the entire game.

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