5 Best AOE Riders in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Riders will charge into battle alongside a supportive cavalry to try and topple an enemy’s army.

While Riders typically utilize horses in combat, in FGO, they can use cars, scooters, or even pterodactyls!

And in this ranking we’re taking a look at some of the best AOE Riders in the entire game.


5. Ishtar (Summer)

Ishtar (Summer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Ishtar is a fan-favorite character.

And this welfare version of herself provides just enough farming potential to satisfy free-to-play players.

Being given at NP level five to all Masters who completed her event, Ishtar Rider excels in the double Skadi meta.

When coupled with these supports (and a few others depending on the enemy class), Ishtar Rider can three-turn loop with the best of them!


4. Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible Fate/Grand Order sprite

Ivan, despite being an AOE Rider with a damage-dealing NP, is a lot more useful as a pseudo support Servant.

His NP deals damage to all enemies and reduces their Buster resistance by 20% for three turns.

However, his claim to fame is with his third skill which removes EVERY SINGLE enemy buff from all enemies.

In an ever-expanding metagame where new buffs are being introduced, and multiple existing buffs are stacked on enemies to increase the challenge of new content, Ivan makes for a great way to cripple these would-be threats.


3. Mordred Summer

Mordred Summer Fate/Grand Order sprite

Who needs Castoria?!

Mordred is a great farming Arts Servant, and has been utilizing her great kit to take down multiple waves even before the queen of the Arts meta arrived on the scene.

As a four-star Servant, Mordred lacks some of the damage her SSR counterparts can provide.

That being said, Mordred excels when farming lower-strength enemies; notably QP doors.

Should you find yourself in a QP deficit and resort to farming the daily quests, Mordred will make things much easier for you.


2. Achilles

Achilles Fate/Grand Order sprite

Achilles is a great farming Rider that excels when supported by Quick-based Servants.

While Achilles’ damage is fairly decent without these added inclusions, using him as a three-turn looper alongside double Skadi support Servants will truly allow him to shine.

When provided with the necessary buffs to his Quick performance and NP gain, not much will be left standing after Achilles rides into the fray.


1. Da Vinci Lily

Da Vinci Lily Fate/Grand Order sprite

In a world thrust into a seemingly neverending Arts meta, Da Vinci Lily stands as the most valuable farming Rider in the game.

What makes Da Vinci Lily so special is both a set of skills to help maximize her farming potential, alongside an NP that deals monstrous damage to Caster Servants.

While I’ll admit that Da Vinci Lily may not be the strongest AOE Rider based on raw damage alone, when partnered with two Castoria support Servants, she can three-turn loop effortlessly.

Da Vinci Lily is also a fan-favorite character as she joins the protagonist of the story through their countless adventures in the Lostbelt.

So if you’re in need of an AOE farming Rider, and if you have access to Castoria, and if you like the idea of adding a snarky genius to your Chaldea – then make sure to pick up Da Vinci Lily as soon as you can.

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