5 Best AOE Sabers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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As the staple class of the FGO franchise, Saber is almost synonymous with Fate itself.

Artoria Pendragon is well-known even outside the Fate sphere of influence.

And we can understand why there’s a desire to use Sabers in your team whenever possible!

So if you plan on farming some pesky Lancer nodes and need a good AOE Saber to get the job done efficiently, here are some recommendations.


5. Ryougi Shiki

Ryougi Shiki Fate/Grand Order sprite

Shiki excels at farming weaker enemies.

While her strength is nothing to scoff at, she lacks the raw damage of some of the other AOE Sabers on this list.

Shiki can boost her Arts effectiveness and the enemies’ Death resistance all in an effort to farm waves with her NP.

And Shiki’s NP has a chance to inflict instant death on any opponent hit by it.

This means that regardless of the health of your opponents, everything will fall after suffering a hit from Shiki’s NP.

While you may need to juggle some support Servants to lower the enemies’ Death resistance down to a low enough level that Shiki can utilize her NP effectively, if you can manage to do that, she makes for a great farmer.


4. Artoria Pendragon Alter

Artoria Pendragon Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

Artoria Alter is one of the most recommended Servants to invest in for early-game players.

Those not wanting to reroll for Heracles or Waver should try and pick up Artoria Alter as soon as possible, as she makes for a very effective beat stick for early content.

Her skills buff not only her own Buster damage – but also buff the party’s attack as well.

Couple this with an AOE NP that you may have at NP2 or higher considering her four-star rarity, and any early-game waves will not stand a chance.


3. Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) Fate/Grand Order sprite

The further we get into this ranking, the more you’ll realize just how vital Artoria is to the role of Saber.

Nearly every top-tier AOE Saber in the game has some kind of connection to Artoria.

Arthur is the gender-swapped, then gender-swapped again, man of legend that would be a more accurate depiction of the fabled character.

Arthur’s NP is very similar to his female counterparts in that it is an AOE Buster nuke that should take out most enemies with ease!


2. Mordred

Mordred Fate/Grand Order sprite

Mordred offers insane AOE damage and a set of skills to help maximize her strength.

She can buff her Buster effectiveness and gain critical stars to pick off any stragglers left standing should her NP fail to nuke a wave.

That being said, not much will be left standing after her NP does go off.


1. Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon Fate/Grand Order sprite

Before Muramasa eventually drops and takes the AOE Saber world by storm, Artoria is your premier farming Saber.

Artoria is great for mowing down hordes of enemies with her massive Buster NP, and can then proceed to wipe the floor with any opponents left standing with her face cards.

Plus, Artoria received a recent buff to her skills that now allows her to transform all of her face cards into Buster cards as well.

As the face of the entire Fate franchise, it’s vital that Artoria’s in-game kit is given the respect her character deserves.

While she may not always have stood at the top, she’s now considered to be a great farming AOE Saber.

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