The Best 1-Star Servants in FGO (Ranked)

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1-Star Servants offer very little to a team in most cases – and are wildly overshadowed by higher-ranking Servants.

Oftentimes, these Servants are merely used for the materials they provide by being burned in Da Vinci’s shop!

However, there does exist a small subset of 1-Star Servants that not only provide the team with a lot of utility, but overshadow Servants of a higher grade as well.

So let’s have a look at some of the most notable standouts.


5. Sasaki Kojiro

Sasaki Kojiro Fate/Grand Order sprite

Sasaki, arguably, was the best Assassin in all of FGO during the game’s infancy.

While this in no way holds up today, he still remains a great free-to-play option for budgeting players.

Sasaki is apt at gaining crit stars and buffing his critical damage. Take that and couple it with evasion and a debuff cleanse, and it makes him viable for extended fights as well.

His Ignore Evasion also adds a lot of utility to his damage.

With a triple Quick card deck, Sasaki is great for generating crit stars and using them. As you likely have him NP5, at overcharge, his NP also gains crit stars here too!

Truly, Sasaki is a Regend.


4. Asterios (Berserker)

Asterios (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Asterios, with his ability to buff his Buster attack and also gain crit stars, makes him a decent beat stick when taking on weaker foes.

However, Asterios makes his name with a great NP used for crippling enemy waves.

After upgrading his NP, Chaos Labyrinthos reduces all enemies’ attack for 6 turns, plus further reduces their attack by 40% for 1 turn, and then finally reduces their defense by 40% for 1 turn.

Surviving enemy NPs is something that, in FGO, is meant to act as a one-hit kill option that should be navigated around. This NP makes surviving enemy NPs surprisingly easy!

You can proceed to deal as much damage as possible in a single turn before tanking an NP and finishing up the battle.


3. Spartacus (Berserker)

Spartacus (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Spartacus is a farming Berserker with skills that help him maximize his damage output and survivability (as much as possible for a 1-Star Servant, anyway).

He can buff his own attack while also recovering his health on several abilities. And he can grant himself Guts to survive a fatal hit.

And his NP, with the proper support, can deal heavy damage due to the fact it ignores the defensive buffs of all enemies. This coupled with his Berserker class damage modifier makes Spartacus a real threat in spite of his rarity.

He will need support to charge his NP. But if you plan on trying to make a 1-Star Servant viable, surely you’re in the market for difficult challenges!


2. Paul Bunyan (Berserker)

Paul Bunyan (Berserker) Fate/Grand Order sprite

It’s almost as if 1-Star servants benefit from the class advantage of Berserker Servants due to their negligible damage…

Paul Bunyan is a welfare Servant who was available during the All the Statesman! event.

She’s great for farming low-health enemy waves due to her Buster buffs and defense downs.

But her selling point is her AOE Buster NP, which at NP5, deals significant damage to fairly low-health enemies.

With enough support, she can three turn farm with the best of them!

But Paul is just as adept at taking down the first wave in order to save your heavy-hitters for a wave’s backline.


1. Arash (Archer)

Arash (Archer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Arash is a single flower on the otherwise unsightly pile of 1-Star Servants.

He’s unique in that his NP does more damage than it has any right to do, considering his rarity.

But he can also charge his own NP by 30%.

This makes slapping free-to-play CEs that start your NP gauge at 70% extremely viable for Arash.

He is the king of free-to-play, after all.

Arash, like Bunyan, is best suited for taking down the first wave of weaker enemies to allow you to save your stronger NPs for tougher battles.

Unlike Bunyan, however, Arash also kills himself in the process of using his NP.

While this may seem like a detriment, it’s actually a benefit.

He allows for a free switch into a fourth Servant to either deal damage or buff the rest of your party.

The (arguably) best Mystic Code in the game is mainly used due to the benefit of being able to switch party members in and out.

Arash not only does this for free, but also takes down a wave of enemies with him.

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