The Best 2-Star Servants in FGO (Ranked)

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As their namesake would suggest, Two Star servants aren’t exactly the powerhouses of the FGO metagame.

What they can do, however, is make nice substitutes for higher rarity servants that free-to-plays and E-luck gacha pullers fail to obtain.

And in this ranking we’ll be taking a look at some of the better 2-Star Servants that you might consider investing in.


5. William Shakespeare (Caster)

William Shakespeare (Caster) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Shakespeare is a great support Servant for new Masters who either rerolled for Heracles, or are relying on a Cú Alter support to stomp the early game.

Shakespeare boasts a Buster buff on his first skill, and a 20% NP batter on his third.

In some cases, these two skills may be the difference between finishing up a sticky enemy or finally reading that coveted 100% NP charge.

Take that and couple it with invincibility and self-heal, and you can ensure Shakespeare will be able to keep providing support in prolonged battles.

His NP can also provide a Buster AOE nuke – but this is hardly Shakespeare’s selling point.

Keep him in reserve for your Buster beat sticks and everything should play out effectively.


4. Georgios (Rider)

Georgios (Rider) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Georgios’ main role comes in his ability to allow “soloable” content.

FGO forces a party restriction of at least three members. So those wanting to test the strength of one servant in particular will often include Georgios into the lineup – just to give a little extra help in pulling off the solo.

With a taunt on his first skill and a Guts on his third, two Georgios inclusions can soak up a few hits of damage, giving your main unit the time to charge their NP or generate some stars.

That isn’t to say Georgios isn’t viable by any means.

His ability to inflict Dragon Trait with his NP has its uses when paired with other servants who can abuse this.

All in all, Georgios is a man of many talents.

It’s just a shame that one of these talents is making a grade-A meat shield!


3. Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Assassin)

Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hassan is the poor man’s star generator, able to both generate stars and increase critical hit damage with his skills and Assassin passive – while simultaneously dishing out single-target nukes with his NP.

There isn’t much more to say about Hassan in this regard.

He does his job adequately, and can be a great damage-dealing support for any SSRs you do manage to obtain.

Plus, as Hassans go, he’s one of the cooler ones!


2. Hans Christian Andersen (Caster)

Hans Christian Andersen (Caster) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hans Christian Andersen, also known as “Waver-Lite”, is the premier free-to-play support for those unwilling to reroll for Waver or spend Saint Quartz to try and summon him.

Being able to both generate crit stars and increase critical damage, Hans is adept at buffing up your team enough so they can lay the smackdown on some enemies.

His ult also has the chance to apply multiple buffs to all party members.

And with a 75% battery on his third skill, you can spam this NP relatively easily!


1. Chen Gong (Caster)

Chen Gong (Caster) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Chen Gong is a recent addition to the NA two-star line-up, but one who’s a very welcome inclusion!

Playing a similar role to Arash, Chen Gong is notorious for offering sacrificial lambs to conduct his NP.

However, unlike Arash, Chen Gong had the foresight to select someone else to sacrifice!

Chen Gong will unleash his AOE Arts NP before killing off the first ally in your team. This may seem like a detriment, but in actuality it’s a godsend.

You see, by dumping a support servant’s entire kit into Chen Gong and then killing them off, you’re allowed a free switch into either another DPS to help take care of the rest of the waves, or another support to buff Chen Gong up even further.

And with the advent of Castoria farming, Chen can three-turn loop with similar success to his five-star competitors!

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