The Best 3-Star Archers in Fate/Grand Order

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Who would have thought the Archer class would truly be made up of archers…?

Well in FGO archers come in various shapes and sizes.

And while some prefer a supportive role, others are capable of dishing out heavy amounts of damage.

Let’s take a look at some of the better budget free-to-play options for those looking to invest in a powerful Archer, while sticking to the 3-star ranks.


5. William Tell

William Tell Fate/Grand Order sprite

William Tell is a recent addition to the 3-Star Archer catalog.

But he’s an addition that has certainly made a name for himself.

He’s great at producing critical stars, while also ensuring he can absorb and deal heavy critical damage.

William Tell’s NP also does great single-target damage and ignores evasion, relieving you of the worry that your NP will be fully resisted.

Thanks to his double Arts card deck, he can also fire off some powerful Arts crits thanks to his second skill buffing the card type’s effectiveness as well.

Definitely try to pick up William Tell if you’re in need of a solid damage dealer.


4. Kid Gil

Kid Gil Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kid Gil, as his name would imply, is your Gilgamesh lite.

He has similar abilities to his older form, albeit at a slightly lower power level.

His first skill simply buffs his attack by 21%. While his third skill increases his own NP generation by 50%.

Being the adorable child that he is, Kid Gil can also charm any Humanoid enemy you come across!


3. Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid Fate/Grand Order sprite

More like Billy the Krit, right?!

In FGO Billy is great for a team focused around critical stars, as he can buff his critical damage on two of his skills.

He can also fire off his NP fairly regularly thanks to a 50% battery on his second skill.

So just slap Billy in a team that can generate crit stars and watch him melt any enemy that stands in your way.


2. Euryale

Euryale Fate/Grand Order sprite

Euryale’s claim to fame comes with her ability to completely cripple certain otherwise-incredibly difficult boss battles.

FGO’s can be conquered relatively easily with a team of Berserkers – until you reach Gawain during Camelot.

Gawain is tricky, due to the fact that his NP is not only an incredibly hard-hitting AOE ability, but also because he charges his low cooldown NP every single turn.

Without the proper mitigation, it’s easy to become stuck on this particular boss fight.

Euryale’s charm locking capabilities on her skills and NP makes her a must-have when it comes to taking down hard-hitting and fast-charging male enemies.


1. Robin Hood

Robin Hood Fate/Grand Order sprite

Robin Hood is great as a substitute damage dealer for those lacking stronger options.

His first skill reduces all enemies’ attacks, while also inflicting poison.

His second and third skills are also great at keeping him alive, and ensuring he hits his target.

Going further, Robin Hood’s NP deals heavy single-target damage – and deals an even stronger hit to those afflicted with the poison debuff.

All in all, Robin Hood is a great damage-dealing Archer for budget players.

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