The Best 3-Star Assassins in Fate/Grand Order

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3-Star Assassins can be excellent damage dealers and excellent providers of critical stars to help out your team.

Often excelling in a supporting role, we’ll be taking a look at some of the better 3-Star Assassins that either conform to this norm, or break away in favor of dealing damage!

Let’s check ‘em out.


5. Hassan of the Serenity

Hassan of the Serenity Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hassan of the Serenity is most known for her adorable personality and her popular NP.

Fans of Hassan probably know her mostly from her role in works outside of FGO. But she still holds a place as a niche pick for budget players.

Hassan of the Serenity can reduce an enemy’s critical attack chance (as well as their NP) with her first skill.

Then she can gain stars and increase her own instant-kill success rate with her second and third skills, respectfully.

However, Hassan of the Serenity’s claim to fame is with her famous Zabaniya.

This NP does a lot of different things, from inflicting poison to skill sealing the enemy. But when overcharged, it comes with a low chance to instantly kill the opponent.

If used in conjunction with her skills, this chance will increase – but the percentage of how often it hits is still incredibly low.

However, as a gacha game player, surely you’re in the market for a little bit of luck!


4. Hassan of the Hundred Faces

Hassan of the Hundred Faces Fate/Grand Order sprite

Hassan of the Hundred Face is a jack-of-all-trades.

With a single Buster card and double Quick and Arts cards stacked in her deck, she benefits from the Rainbow buff her second skill applies.

She can also deal decent damage with her Arts NP.

So definitely look into building your Hassan of the Hundred Faces if you’ve overlooked her until now.


3. Jing Ke

Jing Ke Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jing Ke is both a great crit star generator, as well as a critical damage-dealer.

She can produce stars thanks to her first skill, while also absorbing them thanks to a 200% increase in her absorption rate.

When you consider the buff to her critical damage, her Quick card performance, and her star generation… it’s probably needless to say that your team will be overflowing with critical stars!


2. Fuma Kotarou

Fuma Kotarou Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kotarou is a great star generator for your team – and can do so while dealing moderate damage as well.

With a triple Quick deck, Kotarou can deal heavy damage with his face cards or his NP.

But he shines best as a support Servant, providing stars for your heavy-hitters.

With an AOE attack down debuff for his enemies, Kotarou ensures your damage-dealers will be able to do their job with minimal resistance.


1. Okada Izo

Okada Izo Fate/Grand Order sprite

Izo, while being a great Assassin, is a limited Servant that’s only available during certain Guda Guda campaigns.

Chasing a 3-Star Servant on rate-up may not seem like a difficult task.

However, when you consider that these Servants often need to be NP5 in order to supplement the lower damage associated with their rarity, the Saint Quartz spent can ramp up very quickly.

All that said, Izo was made to crit.

He can increase his critical damage on both his first two skills, while buffing his star absorption rate with his third.

A brave chain of max critical damage paired with his brutally violent NP can lay waste to even the most powerful of enemies.

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