Best 3-Star Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order (All Ranked)

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In FGO there’s only four playable 3-Star Berserkers.

So this ranking is mostly us looking at all our options & ranking from worst to best.

But that in no way means we have nothing to discuss. Because each of these Berserkers offers something a little different, alongside the usual brute force we’ve come to expect from the class.

So let’s jump in and see where these Servants perform best!


4. Darius III

Darius III Fate/Grand Order sprite

Darius, while being able to dish out more damage than your average non-Berserker 3-Star Servant, doesn’t offer much utility to a team.

He can increase his own NP generation and restore his HP, while also granting himself Guts for one turn – but he does little aside from this.

His Buster AOE NP is great for dealing with relatively low health waves in one turn.

But the investment required to pull this off (when you would probably be better suited to using someone like Arash) is simply too high to be practical.


3. Lu Bu Fengxian

Lu Bu Fengxian Fate/Grand Order sprite

Lu Bu is a great budget option for a damage dealer.

And due to the glass cannon nature associated with the Berserker class, he also brings along a few skills to help stay alive.

More specifically, he can increase his own attack with his first skill, while also buffing his own defense with his second skill.

This defense buff soon becomes obsolete when you use his third skill – which reduces his prior buff to apply NP damage and crit absorption buffs onto himself.

This is to say that Lu Bu is a Servant that can bring respectable damage, should you have no other options.


2. Mori Nagayoshi

Mori Nagayoshi Fate/Grand Order sprite

Nagayoshi is one of several limited 3-Star Servants that (for some inane reason) DW thought would be a good idea to implement.

As if chasing a 5-Star or even a 4-Star was not difficult enough… we now have to roll for limited 3-Stars, and presumably be inclined to NP5 them to supplement the lack of damage that comes with their low rarity.

Mori comes with a lot of skills though.

And due to his recency, all of these skills do so much more than older Servants.

From buffing his crit to providing stars upon death, Nagayoshi can do it all.

His NP, thanks to the fact it ignores defensive buffs, also deals heavy damage. And when you consider his Berserker class damage modifier, this will obliterate most enemies!


1. Kiyohime

Kiyohime Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kiyohime is a fan favorite FGO character due to her obsession with the Master.

But while you may think this cute, Kiyohime’a affection goes quite a bit past the level of a “normal” relationship.

In battle she can buff her defense while also reducing the defense of all enemies (as well as their attack).

This makes firing off her AOE Buster NP great for taking out waves in one turn.

Then add a buff to Kiyohime’s Buster effectiveness on her third skill, and Kiyohime can nuke a wave fast – then pick off any stragglers with her enhanced face cards.

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