Best 4-Star Archer Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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There are a lot of four-star Archer servants that don’t receive as much love as they should – due to the overwhelming power of their SSR competitors.

However, we can’t all sell a kidney to NP5 Gilgamesh. And in times like these, we must look to the four-star rarity for dealing with those pesky Saber waves.

In some cases, several four-star Archers do in fact possess abilities and damage that rivals some five-stars!

So let’s take a look at some of the better SR options to pick from.


5. Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Jane is often overlooked due to her sharing a rate up with the more illustrious Space Ishtar.

But her single-target damage is incredibly powerful.

Jane’s skills are somewhat of a mixed bag. She’s just as adept at reducing enemy attack, crit chance, and NP gauge as she is at buffing her own attack and increasing party NP charge.

Jane’s main gimmick comes with her third skill, which requires a whopping 50 crit starts to reach max potency.

Still, Jane has a lot to offer.

And he gal-like personality makes her an absolute delight to listen to!


4. Chiron

Chiron in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Chiron is a great support Archer capable of not only buffing an ally’s face cards, but also producing critical stars as well.

By both creating critical stars and increasing party-wide critical damage with his second skill, the rainbow buff to face cards on Chiron’s third skill results in a massive damage boost for a single ally.

Round off this supportive kit with a defense buff and evade for himself, and this just means that Chiron can stay on the field providing buffs for a long time.


3. Asagami Fujino

Asagami Fujino in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

This used to be the rarest servant of all time before her rerun was finally announced.

Asagami Fujino has only ever had one rate up in the entirety of FGO’s release!

Fujino’s rarity does not correlate entirely with her strength, but she should not be overlooked by any means.

Fujino’s skills allow her to unleash a large amount of burst damage. The demerits on her third skill in particular really encourage you to end the fight as soon as possible.

Luckily with an incredibly powerful NP that’s also one of the best animated in the entire game, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to get that NP online as soon as possible!


2. Chloe Von Einzbern

Chloe Von Einzbern in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Chloe is one of the very best welfare servants FGO has ever released.

Very similar to Emiya in design, Chloe also possesses a rainbow buff to all her card types – and an evade to get out of trouble.

However, where Chloe differs from most four-star servants in general is with her massive 50% NP battery!

Chloe’s NP is nothing to scoff at, and deals considerable single-target damage.

With a toolkit like this, it’s no wonder she was widely considered the greatest welfare servant of all time for several years.


1. Emiya

Emiya in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

It’s surprising to think just how relevant a starter servant has remained over all this time.

It goes to show how much FGO values their pseudo-protagonist.

Available to a lucky few from the first tutorial summon, Emiya is an all-around Archer with a crit star generation buff, an evade, and a rainbow buff to all his card types.

If you’re not rerolling for a certain muscle-bound death machine during your new FGO playthrough, we highly recommend making the time to start out with everyone’s favorite mommy!

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