Best 4-Star Berserker Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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Berserkers are the glass cannons of FGO.

They often rely on a single defensive ability as a barrier between their incredible damage output and an early grave.

Pressing as many red cards as possible is often the winning condition when playing with Berserkers – and the extra stats allotted to SSR units definitely benefit these damage-dealers in particular.

That being said, many 4-star Berserkers are nothing to sniff at, and can provide even greater utility with their easier to max NPs.

So let’s take a look at some of the best four-star Berserkers that FGO offers.


5. Oda Nobunaga (Summer)

Oda Nobunaga (Summer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Summer Nobu is one of the most charming servants to ever grace FGO.

Her battle animations, NP, and voice lines all lend themselves to this rock-goddess persona she has built for herself.

With a triple Buster deck and a Buster NP, Summer Nobu accomplishes the goal of every good Berserker – allowing their Master to turn their brain off for the duration of the fight and press whatever red flashes they see on their screen!

If you were in the market for a battle-ax carrying, guitar-wielding, headbanger, Nobunaga The Rock ‘N Roll is perfect for you.


4. Jeanne Alter (Summer)

Jeanne Alter (Summer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Jeanne Alter is a relatively powerful welfare Berserker with a triple Buster deck and a single-target Buster NP.

Jeanne Alter is an FGO fan-favorite character, and her Berserker form brings everything we love about the tsundere queen together – all wrapped up in a nice swimsuit.

This includes skills that help her deal heavy damage by buffing her attack, charging her NP, and even an evade to ensure her damage output can remain consistent.


3. Atalanta Alter

Atalanta Alter in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Atalanta Alter is a great single-target Quick nuker who won fans over with her pivotal role in the first Lostbelt story.

Nyanter Alter excels at providing critical stars, and then buffing her critical damage to devastatingly high levels.

When paired with a double Skadi, Atalanta Alter cannot necessarily loop as well as Mysterious Heroine X Alter – but she can sure deal as much damage!


2. Beowulf

Beowulf in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Beowulf is a Berserker seldom talked about in the FGO community.

He’s not pretty enough to garner attention from hungry waifu collectors (or husband collectors?). And his kit isn’t broken enough for him to be discussed in spite of this.

It’s surprising because Beowulf is a contender for one of the best 4-star Berserkers in the entire game!

Beowulf’s attack and NP buff ensure that his single-target buster nuke will obliterate anything it touches.

Furthermore, his critical star bomb allows any straggler enemies to be picked off with his boosted face cards.

Round off this kit with a Guts to provide some form of defense, and you have a very well-rounded Berserker that’s capable of dishing out heavy damage.


1. Heracles

Heracles in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

We all knew this was coming.

But it cannot be understated that Heracles is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to single-target damage and survivability.

Heracles, as a Berserker, is capable of dishing out massive damage on anyone he touches. Take that and couple it with his Evade and Guts ability, and you can make sure he continues to dish out the DPS without going down too soon (like most glass cannon Berserkers).

It’s often recommended to reroll for Heracles until you summon him during the first tutorial multi-summon, in order to ensure the first few singularities can be completed without difficulty.

By doing this, you also guarantee an early bond CE completion for Herc – which only adds to his utility.

By granting additional Guts effects, Heracles is THE premiere 4-star Buster Berserker who just will not die.

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