Best 4-Star Lancer Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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Lancer servants are an odd breed.

They rarely get as much attention as other classes in the game.

And unless you plan to take on a hefty node of Archers, Lancers often pale in comparison damage-wise to Berserkers and Avengers, while providing less critical stars than Assassins.

Still, for the niche that they do provide, they execute their job well.

So let’s take a look at some of the better 4-star Lancers that you can get in FGO.


5. Caenis

Caenis in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Caenis is an incredibly powerful lancer.

But due to her not releasing yet to the NA server of FGO (as of this writing) we decided to include her as more of an “honorable mention” near the bottom of the list.

Caenis has been a fan-favorite servant that many had hoped would come to the game for a long time.

For having such an impact in the story of FGO, Caenis comes to us finally in her Lancer form with skills that help boost her damage and also keep herself alive.

We can’t wait to finally be able to summon her in NA!


4. Minamoto-no-Raikou (Summer)

Minamoto-no-Raikou (Summer) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Raikou has a kit that helps her generate critical stars while also providing critical damage buffs.

With skills focused around generating, amplifying, and absorbing critical stars, one thing is for certain: her Buster crits are going to hurt!

Raikou is a Summer servant who can provide your team with some great damage.

And let’s not forget about that sweet, sweet slow-motion lance throw during her NP animation as well!


3. Valkyrie

Valkyrie in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Valkyrie is a fantastic farming lancer who unfortunately falls just short of greatness.

While she can do everything a normal Skadi looper can, her damage is surpassed by a certain Sakura-face (which we’ll be talking about later in this ranking).

Still, Valkyrie provides great looping potential at a discounted price – especially compared to her five-star SSR competitors.

But her main appeal comes with her sprite selection.

Being able to choose from either Ortlinde, Hildr, or Thrud, summoning Valkyrie is like summoning 3 waifus for the price of one!


2. Artoria Pendragon (Alter)

Artoria Pendragon (Alter) in Fate/Grand Order screenshot


That is all.

Jokes aside, Lancer Alter doesn’t do anything particularly interesting that Lancers before her have not done equally as well (if not better).

Where Lancer Alter stands out, however, is with her ridiculously powerful NP.

Before looping with Skadi had entered into the FGO scene, NP spamming had to be done oftentimes with three different servants – each with their own starting NP CEs!

Lancer Alter’s AOE Buster NP fit in quite nicely with support from Merlin and Waver during the early Buster meta of FGO.

She has since fallen off in favor of Quick and Arts loopers, but do not be deceived:

Her NP is still as powerful as ever.

And with the emergence of Buster looping on the horizon for NA, Lancer Artoria may be able to take the spotlight once again.


1. Parvati

Parvati in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Parvati is your go-to three-turn Quick looper, and functions as the best farming lancer in all of FGO (when placed into the double Skadi system).

This is one of the rare cases where a four-star servant actually surpasses the talents of a five-star SSR.

Parvati’s AOE NP reduces Archer nodes to ashes – and she has no problems looping at any NP level.

So Parvati is yet another Sakura face that has found a home among the Quick meta.

Be sure to shell out those 1000 mana prisms for her skin and get to farming!

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