Best 4-Star Rider Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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Four-star Riders come in various shapes and sizes – but one thing is for certain.

Some of these servants are so incredibly powerful.

And depending on NP levels, they may be able to provide more utility than some SSRs!

For this ranking we’ll be taking a look at some of the best farming, nuking, or… confusing 4-star Riders that FGO has to offer.


5. Carmilla (Summer)

Carmilla (Summer) Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Carmilla deserves a spot on this list for her NP animation alone:

She finally lives up to her name as she crashes through her enemies in a snazzy red sports car.

And Carmilla is another Quick-based farming servant, although she’s one with a very unique skillset.

Specifically, consider Carmilla’s second skill which reduces enemy NP gauge by one after one turn.

This is a great delayed support skill to help you delay that huge damage output from your enemy a little longer!


4. Ishtar

Ishtar Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Ishtar Rider is a great Quick-based farming servant.

We can’t all three-turn loop with our NP5 Edmond Dantes.

And so, in times of financial turmoil, make sure you look to Rider Ishtar for your Caster node farming needs.

Ishtar Rider also has one of the quaintest NP animations in the whole game.

Watching her ride through various cityscapes on her scooter is just downright wholesome – and a much-needed change of pace from the traditional confident and intimidating Archer Ishtar.


3. Astolfo

Astolfo Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Oh boy, where to begin with Astolfo?

Astolfo is a character that has risen to infamy over the years due to his… feminine appearance. Still, he is much more than a simple meme, and actually provides a lot of utility when it comes to his in-game abilities.

As a fairly old servant, Astolfo’s skills are simple in design:

A basic attack buff and a single-target stun are all there is to say about his first and second skills.

While his third skill provides decent crit support and an NP battery, Astolfo requires a lot of support to loop effectively.

However, let’s be real, you’re only including Astolfo in your party because you thought he was yet another waifu…


2. Mordred

Mordred Fate/Grand Order screenshot

The queen of free-to-play Arts farming has arrived as Mordred is your premiere three-turn looper pre-Castoria.

Able to loop effectively on most waves with enough support, Mordred Summer’s gnarly riptide surfing skills are no joke!

Mordred has since risen to fame over the years for her ability to annihilate the door farming daily quest when you’re in dire need of some extra QP.

Before Castoria releases, slap your Surfmo into a party with Tamamo and Nero Bride and watch her go to town.


1. Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Often considered to be one of the greatest welfare servants ever released, Kintoki’s damage rivals (and in some cases even surpasses) several of his SSR competitors.

Kintoki is most known for riding his motorcycle into oncoming enemy traffic, and absolutely tearing through anyone foolish enough to obscure his forward momentum.

And by buffing his Quick cards and charging his own NP by 50%, Kintoki does not need to rely on a kaleidoscope/mystic code/20% charger combo to fire off that first NP.

So slap on a damage-boosting CE that comes with a 50% charge and get to work drifting on your foes.

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