Best 4-Star Sabers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Sabers are almost synonymous with Fate as a franchise.

Ever since our first introduction to Artoria way back when, Saber Servants have been our entry point into the series as a whole.

Sabers, as you may expect, do not provide a specific niche like Casters or Assassins. They’re “basic” in the sense that new players will often use this class to acclimatize themselves to the game.

That isn’t to say Sabers are basic, however.

Many Sabers have skills that are deceptively simple but tricky to master.

And for anyone going after the strongest 4-star Saber Servants in FGO, this ranking should help.


5. Artoria Pendragon Alter

Artoria Pendragon Alter in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Saber Alter is a great pick-up for anyone starting out their FGO adventure.

Being available after clearing the first Singularity Fuyuki, if you manage to pick up Saber Alter (and are sick of rerolling for Heracles), she makes for a great beat stick in early content.

Her skills are simple, and help newer players understand the basics of FGO gameplay without having to read a five-page thesis of what a particular skill does.

First skill: buff Buster damage. Nice.

Second skill: gain critical stars. Cool.

Third skill: buff attack. Great.

NP: AOE Buster nuke great for clearing early waves.

Where do I sign?

All in all, Saber Alter is a great placeholder Servant until you manage to set up a true farming squad.

Plus her Shinjuku skin is absolutely breathtaking, much like her role in the story!


4. Yagyu Munenori

Yagyu Munenori in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Yagyu is your original Arts looping NP spammer even before Castoria has entered into the NA metagame!

He’s an Arts Saber who, with enough support, can refund his NP like nobody’s business.

His first skill increases Arts effectiveness and absorbs critical stars specifically to his Arts cards. This means that, after firing off an NP, you can easily refund a lot of charge with one or two face cards.

His third skill only amplifies this effect as it increases his own NP generation for a single turn.

Don’t think this old man’s best days are behind him.

He may be able to teach you whippersnappers a thing or two about looping just yet!


3. Suzuka Gozen

Suzuka Gozen in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Suzuka is a Buster-focused damage-dealing Saber with an interesting niche.

Her kit is mainly focused on gaining crit stars and firing off an NP whenever she gets the chance.

And with an AOE Buster NP as powerful as Suzuka’s, you’ll be wanting to hit that 100% charge as often as you can!

Suzuka also comes equipped with a male charm on her skill two, resulting in some interesting utility for her in certain situations.


2. Katsushika Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Despite what you may think about Hokusai Saber due to her being a welfare servant, she is one of the most powerful four-star Sabers out there.

Hokusai is an Arts-critting monster

And she’s able to not only produce critical stars, but absorb them effectively as well.

Plus we haven’t even gotten onto her NP yet, which you’ll receive at NP5 if you clear the entirety of her event.

It deals massive single-target damage, and there are very few enemies that can withstand a brave chain from this master painter.


1. Lancelot

Lancelot in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Do you like crits?

Do you like Berserker Lancelot but are afraid of going deaf listening to his howls?

Then Saberlot is the Servant for you!

Saberlot’s skills revolve around both generating and absorbing critical stars to deal unholy amounts of damage.

His first skill is a twenty-star bomb that also charges his own NP.

His second skill increases his own star absorption, and this third skill produces crit stars per turn, and increases his critical damage.

Needless to say, if you crit something with one of Saberlot’s fully stacked face cards, they will die!

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