The Best 5-Star Archers in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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The class that really is made up of Archers.

They serve a pivotal role in the dynamic of FGO’s Rock Paper Scissors engine. Before the advent of flashy new servant types like Pretender, Moon Cancer, or Alter Ego, Archers had one simple job:

Kill Sabers.

Over time, the Archer class has expanded into looping and other styles. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the overall power of this class.

So let’s take a look at some of these bow-wielding, sword-swinging, gun-toting, dolphin-riding…

Are these “Archers” or not?!


5. Super Orion

Super Orion Fate/Grand Order sprite

Super Orion is a monstrously powerful servant, capable of unloading buster crits that deal literal millions of damage (when properly buffed).

Unlike the regular version of Orion whose only purpose is to spook your limited Archer rolls, Super Orion (otherwise referred to as “Chad” Orion) is a walking nuclear bomb of damage.

Several YouTube videos have surfaced over the years showcasing how monumentally broken this servant can become when given the right support.

Make sure you aren’t on the other end of his crossbow by summoning him to your Chaldea.


4. Artoria Pendragon (Summer)

Artoria Pendragon (Summer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

If Space Ishtar is the Castoria system’s answer to the Skadi system’s Edmond Dantes, then Squirtoria, here is the Castoria system’s answer to the Skadi system’s MHXA.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see why new players struggle to get into FGO with terminology like this…

What we mean to say is, under the umbrella of two Castorias, Squirtoria is your single-target Arts nuker.

When properly buffed, Squirtoria has the potential to rip through break bars like it’s nobody’s business, and fully charge her NP for another round of Summer fun!

Plus, Squirtoria is a swimsuit servant.

That makes her worth summoning in and of itself.


3. Jeanne D’Arc (Summer)

Jeanne D'Arc (Summer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Summer Jeanne is, quite possibly, the best looping Archer in FGO.

When used in conjunction with the double Castoria system, Summer Jeanne can three-turn loop without batting an eye.

She has her uses outside of looping, and a toolkit to help her deal damage. But let’s be honest:

If you’re using Jeanne Summer, you’re looping.

And if you’re looping with Jeanne Summer, you’re probably having a very enjoyable time!


2. Ishtar

Ishtar Fate/Grand Order sprite

Ishtar fulfills a lot of the same roles as our #1 pick for this ranking below – but she falls a tad short when it comes to pumping out as much damage.

Still, Ishtar’s kit allows her to be a formidable force when it comes to AOE damage.

And her kit helps her get there very nicely.

Ishtar has a 50% charge, a damage-up steroid, and a delayed attack buff that needs to be carefully timed to coincide with your blowout turn.

This means she requires a little more strategy than simply spamming NPs over and over again. It’s important to line up her damage boost with either a brave chain or her NP.

But Ishtar is a great pickup for those lacking an offensive Archer.


1. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh Fate/Grand Order sprite

It’s strange to consider just how long Gilgamesh has been playable in FGO.

Just think of how many animation upgrades he’s been through, gameplay adjustments he’s had, and voice lines he’s gotten updated.

Yet he still stands undisputed as the greatest Archer in the game.

It just goes to show how much FGO values its own lore.

Gilgamesh has some skills that charge his stuff and boost his attacks; yadda, yadda, yadda.

We know what you’re really here for. You’re here to get that lousy son of a god to 100% NP charge and fire off a Merlin Buster boosted Enuma Elish!!

Gilgamesh’s NP is one of the most powerful in the entire game, capable of obliterating enemies without even requiring a class advantage boost.

Luckily, Gilgamesh has a fair number of rate ups, and often returns for Thanksgiving and other events.

You may have to wait a while, but soon enough you can be shouting “mongrel” with the best of them.

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