The Best 5-Star Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order

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The FGO Berserker class is like an old friend from high school. You two were so close at one point, but drifted apart as you matured into adulthood.

Then whenever you bump into each other later in life, you can look back on that friend and reminisce about all the good times you once shared together.

Berserkers are every new player’s best friend.

“2x damage against every enemy type?! Why doesn’t everyone just build an entire team of Berserkers?! You would never lose!”

Unfortunately, the deeper into FGO you play, the sooner you realize that while powerful, Berserkers have a lot of weaknesses.

But still, Berserkers make for powerful beat sticks that allow you to switch your brain off for the duration of you mission and wildly slam your finger onto any red cards that appear on your screen.

So let’s take a look at some of the best “unga-bunga” Berserkers that FGO has to offer.


5. Morgan

Fate/Grand Order Morgan screenshot

We’ll start things off with Morgan, not because she’s in any way lacking compared to other Berserkers, but because she’s still quite a ways away from releasing onto the NA FGO server.

Morgan is great at quickly charging her own NP with a 50% battery, and her third skill may require a day off from work to read all that text.

Unfortunately, she falls to a certain Berserker later in this list when it comes to damage.

While her power certainly exceeds that of another Berserker (Minamoto-no-Raikou), she’s a niche farming pick, and only chosen out of love for the character.

However, Morgan is technically the definition of a wife in a wife collecting simulator… best to include her just to be safe.

She’s still a Berserker, after all…

Things could get ugly.


4. Mysterious Heroine X Alter

Fate/Grand Order Mysterious Heroine X Alter screenshot

MHXA isn’t the highest damage-dealing berserker, nor is she the most sustainable.

Before her strengthening, her heal was negligible, and she had no “Evade” to protect herself.

Her buff made things a lot better – but where MHXA really shines is as a multiple break bar boss killer.

Paired up with double Skadi, MHXA can rip through an opponent’s entire HP bar with her NP alone (and possibly a few crits to help things along).

Her self Quick buff and star bomb, when combined with a double Quick buff from each Skadi, makes heran absolute force to be reckoned with.

Top off her NP after one use and get to work on those other break bars!

Plus, MHXA is a cute sith lord with a double-sided lightsaber.

What more could we need?


3. Cú Chulainn Alter

Fate/Grand Order Cú Chulainn Alter screenshot

Cú Alter is your nonstop ticket to the late-game of FGO.

In a world where an innocent and naive newbie to the game didn’t realize that rerolling was an option, Heracles seemed lost to the abyss with any sense of fast progression along with it.

Yet a support Cú Alter is just what you need to breeze through the early game of FGO as you slaughter any boss that lies in your path.

As a Berserker, Cú Alter’s massive attack stat does double damage on any enemy he faces.

Not only that, but as a Cú-face, he has access to the “Protection from Arrows” skill – granting him evade for three hits.

Round off this wrecking machine with “Guts” to revive after receiving fatal damage, and an NP that not only looks cool but will eviscerate anyone it touches, and you have your support pick for the next six singularities.


2. Arjuna Alter

Fate/Grand Order Arjuna Alter screenshot

Arjuna Alter requires a little more effort to farm effectively.

However, after receiving said support, he can tear through enemies without a second thought.

Arjuna Alter’s bonkers damage slapped onto a Berserker is, frankly, quite disgusting.

Add a set of skills that only increases damage even more, and you have a Berserker that very few could take a hit from.

He falls just short of the top spot for not being as accessible in NA at the moment.

However, with the advent of Buster farming on the horizon, things may change quicker than we think.


1. Miyamoto Musashi (Summer)

Fate/Grand Order Miyamoto Musashi (Summer) screenshot

Musashi Summer joins the same ranks as Lancelot as one of the greatest farming Berserkers (if not the greatest farming Berserker) of all time.

During her initial release, Musashi will not be doing anything special.

Sure, she can farm with the help of Paracelsus, a bond CE equipped Tamamo, and maybe and MLB Kaleidoscope… but it’s not worth the trouble.

No, Musashi will only shine when introduced to the double Castoria system on NA.

From that point onwards, she’ll skyrocket to the tippy-top of the metagame (at least, the three turn looping metagame).

With an ability to double the hits on her Arts cards, you don’t have to worry about not receiving that pesky NP refund.

All you need to do is slap every skill button onto a Black Grail Musashi and get to work farming.

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