Top 5 Best Alter Egos in Fate/Grand Order

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As of this writing, there are only ten Alter Ego Servants to speak of in the entirety of the NA and JP FGO servers.

If we consider that two of these servants are carbon copies of each other (Mecha Eli-chan and Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II) then this number is even lower!

But with a class advantage against all three cavalry class Servants, Alter Egos are great for taking on waves of varying enemy classes.

Should a mission node consist of Rider, Assassin, and Caster type enemies, while your Francis Drake may be able to cripple any annoying Casters, she may struggle to take down that final Assassin boss.

But if you’re looking for recommendations then here’s our picks for the best Alter Ego Servants worth chasing.


5. Passionlip

Passionlip Fate/Grand Order sprite

Passionlip, despite being a four-star Servant, is a great tank that’s able to draw attention away from squishier allies, mostly thanks to her defensive skills.

She can buff her defense & also taunt all enemies.

Her NP can also deal decent damage, meaning that she’s more than just a simple meat shield.


4. Okita Souji Alter

Okita Souji Alter Fate/Grand Order sprite

Okita Alter is renowned for having one of the most incredible designs in all of FGO – but a kit that leaves a lot to be desired.

Okita Alter is a Quick/Buster based damage-dealer, who was designed to be a farming Servant.

Unfortunately, her lack of any looping potential immediately calls into question her use vs. other Servants.

She was also unlucky because her initial release was right before the advent of Scathach Skadi and the Quick looping meta.

Her decent damage and multiple class advantages were overshadowed by a fedora-wearing edgelord who could three-turn loop on any class of Servant without much help!

That being said, Okita Alter has received a few buffs that help her to stay relevant in the ever-expanding FGO meta.

With a 30% self NP battery, plus a buff to her Quick and Buster effectiveness, Okita Alter can still be a great asset to any team.


3. Sitonai

Sitonai Fate/Grand Order sprite

This spot could very well have been occupied by either Sitonai or King Protea… but ultimately, Sitonai just has more to offer.

Sitonai has a great set of skills that allow her to not only buff her own damage, but also provide stars and defensive buffs to the party.

Her Arts NP is also great for mowing down enemies with dragon opponents having their NP gauge reduced by one.


2. Sessyoin Kiara

Sessyoin Kiara Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kiara shines when taking on some of the more difficult content FGO has to offer.

Her passives give her bonus affinity against Rulers, as well as a reduction of damage taken from humanoids (meaning that every Servant will deal less damage than usual to her).

Her active skills are also great, since they include a 50% NP battery for herself & an NP charge reduction for opponents.

Kiara’s Arts NP is also able to deal heavy damage, as it ignores defense buffs to all enemies.


1. Meltryllis

Meltryllis Fate/Grand Order sprite

Melt has always been a superstar.

But after she receives her buffs, her quick looping potential skyrockets as she becomes your premier cavalry Servant boss killer.

Melt’s ability to buff her NP damage by 30%, alongside a monstrous buff to her critical hit damage, makes er able to wipe the floor with almost any enemy.

When used in conjunction with the Double Skadi System, Melt can eliminate an enemy’s break bar before using her crit star bomb and crit damage buffs to charge her NP with any leftover face cards.

Definitely try to pick up Melt if you have the chance.

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