Top 5 Best Arts CEs in Fate/Grand Order

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Arts CEs usually focus on providing buffs to Arts effectiveness, NP generation, and starting NP gauge.

With an Arts chain providing a buff to the entire party’s NP, it’s clear to see the direction the Arts meta was always heading towards.

This has been somewhat confirmed with the inclusion of Castoria – who cements the fact that Arts Servants like to use their NP, and they like to do it as much as possible!

So for this ranking we’re checking out some of the best CEs for all of your Arts-based Servants.


5. The Black Grail (Honorable Mention)

Similar to our list of best Quick CEs which included Kaleidoscope as an honorable mention (due to its necessity in the Double Skadi System), The Black Grail excels in the Double Castoria system.

The Black Grail increases NP damage by 60% (80% once max limit broken) with the caveat that the equipped Servant will lose 500 HP every turn.

But this doesn’t even factor into the consideration when used on an Arts looping Servant who plans to end the fight in three turns.

Unlike Quick loopers who require a starting NP charge and top-offs from Skadi for subsequent waves (due to Castoria’s refund being 100% when used in conjunction with a Mystic Code), Arts farmers can slap on a Black Grail and farm with ease.


4. Welcome Bunny

No, YOU only like this CE for the art!

Pun not intended, because Welcome Bunny is a great Arts CE due to the buffs it provides… and the art of the actual CE itself.

Welcome Bunny buffs Arts performance by 15%, critical damage by 15%, and gains 4 critical stars each turn.

So this CE is a perfect fit for a team focused on Arts critical hits.


3. Dive to Blue

Dive to Blue is a great all-around Arts CE.

This provides:

  • A buff to Arts performance by 10%
  • A buff to NP damage by 10%
  • And will allow you to start the battle with a 50% NP charge

But unlike a similar CE such as Painting Summer, Dive to Blue requires you (in most cases) to have a Servant capable of buffing their own NP generation in order to work effectively.


2. Painting Summer

Painting Summer is a great jack-of-all-trades CE that offers a little bit of everything that an Arts Servant wants.

More specifically, this CE provides the equipped Servant with a 10% buff to their Arts effectiveness, a 10% buff to their NP generation, and a starting charge of 50%.

Everything an Arts Servant needs to thrive is found in this CE – so we hope you managed to grab at least one copy while it was available!


1. Royal Icing

In almost all cases, it is better to use a max limit broken The Black Grail to loop in the Double Castoria system – but even obtaining one copy of the rare CE might prove to be a tall order.

In such cases, Royal Icing is a nice substitute.

It will increase Arts performance by 15% and NP damage by 25% once max limit broken.

Due to Royal Icing being an event CE, it is very easy to max limit break.

And as previously mentioned, when you’re farming using the Double Castoria system, your Servants do not need any starting NP charge.

So Royal Icing can maximize your damage output!

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